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    Hi All,

    I know it is not possible to JB the newest Update. But please read my story to help me out!

    I JB & unlocked a 3GS iphone w/ 3.0 on it. I sold it to someone overseas, who updated (ahhh!!) the OS to 3.1.3, and now the phone is pretty much useless. Is there anything I can do to help him get the phone restored in any sort of way? If i send him a prepaid-AT&T sim will that help at all? I feel bad so I wanted to help him out in anyway I can. Any thoughts/ suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Jan 17, 2008
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    The problem is you don't know what they have done to it, and if the packages were saved in cydia.

    As much as you want to help, it's near impossible to 'remote' help them and if they were in a position to understand what they have done or about jailbreaking then they would be better helped just pointing them to the many many sources on the net regarding jalbreaking.

    Other than that theres nothing we can do to remote help someone who you are trying to remote help....
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    Nothing you can do about it. No sim will do him any good.
    Next time he will know better not to update a software unlocked iPhone to official firmware.
    All he can do is hope and wait for a new jb and unlock to be released in the future.
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    Also in the future op

    Please remember site polices don't allow bumping of threads. Most likely if people don't answer right away it's because A they have already answered it in a million other threads. or b honestly less likely they don't know! either way bumping a thread is a good way to get it sent to the wasteland!

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