Jailbreak Advice / Help Required (Cydia Crashing)

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Alright, so, first off, let me lead with just how clueless I am; I'm confused as to whether I should post this thread here, or in iPhone hacks.

    Regardless, here's some back story.

    Okay, so, I bought the iPhone 4 about three months ago, give or take, don't quote me on that. Anyhow, when I bought that, I planned on giving my old 3G to my girlfriend to replace hers, which is on a T-Mobile Data plan (already cracked and hacked, hers was. Cracked being literally, the screen was broken). I'd only downloaded updates and apps for my 3g, no jailbreaking or unlocking of any sort. Anyhow, I set off on the task of jailbreaking it for her. Unfortunately, I updated to iOS 4.1 on the thing. I spent the next month swearing at myself and biding my time until I finally had spare time to get it working for her.

    Skip to present day.

    Found PwnageTool, starting the process.

    Through numerous guides, including one on this forum, I got the Customized Restore file taken care of. Sent the bad boy into DFU mode, Option-Click'd the restore to use my Custom Restore instead of big bad Steve's. Went all well and fine, but now that it's all seemingly said and done, I don't notice a difference at all. THe only thing that's new is the Cydia app. But there's the rub; Cydia keeps crashing, almost instantly. Touch the icon, it fakes wanting to load, and about a second or two later, just goes straight back to home screen.

    So, bottom line, here's the questions I need answered, and I DO in fact realize how ignorant I seem / am.

    (Pardon the language) Why the hell did I just spend two hours downloading a broken Cydia App?

    What should be different, and apparently isn't?

    How do I fix the Cydia App?

    How do I get the phone working with my lady friend's SIM Card?

    All responses appreciated.
  2. Raze625 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2010
    Bear in mind that I've already downloaded iPhone explorer and run through some of the Cydia logs; I can provide them if need be.
  3. Raze625 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 27, 2010
    Gonna switch this to iPhone Hacks, changing it over. Any idea how to delete it?

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