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    Hey all,

    So I'm an iPod touch user running 9.2, and have never jailbroken my device before. I recently found youtube video for how to download Whatsapp on a jailbroken iPad/iPod touch running jailbreak for IOS 7 through 9.1 through Cydia (Whatsapp is otherwise not available on iPad/iPod touch). When & if a jailbreak comes out for IOS 9.3 or 10 or any later versions, will the tutorial's steps still apply? Or do new releases of jailbreaks for new IOS's basically mean that old jailbreak programs won't work unless someone updates the program (which I could definitely see happening, as the market/popular demand for such an app is probably minuscule, and hence the incentive to update the app almost nil).

    here's the video, fyi:

    And what is Cydia? Is the name for the jailbreak itself, or for a program accessible once your device is jailbroken?

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    I don't use Whatsapp, so I cannot really answer your question.

    I can answer the one about Cydia though.

    Cydia is the jailbreak app/tweak store. It's the app you use to find, download and install jailbreak tweaks and apps. Just like Apple's app store, some things are free and some are not. Payment for items that are not free is handled either through Paypal or Amazon and you need a Google or Facebook acount to sign in to Cydia (so it keeps track of your purchases).

    Unlike Apple's app store, Cydia keeps old tweaks and old apps. Because there are still people who run older versions of firmware and older jailbreaks this is the reason. So, you have to be careful what you install. Things that are meant for iOS 4 or 5 will probably mess things up if you're running iOS 9.

    The responsibility of finding out what is compatible and will work on your device is on you. Which is the opposite of Apple's app store where they take care of that for you.

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