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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by tl01, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I've had an iPhone since the first one and have a 4s now. I am interested in jailbreaking but am nervous. What are the risks? What is the chance I will brick my phone? I have apple care +. Would I be able to get a new one if I bricked it? Is it hard to do? I'm a mom of two little boys who loves tech stuff but I am by no means an computer expert. I'm also thinking of taking my phone back and getting it replaced due to poor battery life. Can I still exchange if I restore it first if I jailbreak it or will I have to wait til I have the new one? How stable is the jailbroken phone right now?

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    While legal to jailbreak your device, it can void the warranty. If you brick your device beyond repair (unable to restore in DFU) then you can switch it out, no evidence of a jailbreak, just a busted phone. If you are successful in a jailbreak, you can always restore to a non-jailbroken state and no one is the wiser. There is a battery tweak about to go live that is suppose to increase battery life so you could try that after you jailbreak.

    Here is the tutorial I used to jailbreak and had no issues at all with it. Basically you just plug it in, and hit jailbreak and wait. The process takes time depending on how much stuff is on your phone (16gb of 32gb on mine took about 30min while friend's relatively new phone took less than 5)

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    You better start reading the newcomer forums, but essentially what you need to know is that NOTHING you do in a jailbreak process or thereafter can ever permanently harm your phone...NOTHING. Meaning, there is no such thing as bricking your phone. If something bad happens during a jailbreak, it is temporary, and can ALWAYS be fixed by restoring to stock firmware in iTunes and then either leaving it or re-jailbreaking. Now, just because nothing can permanently go wrong with your iPhone doesn't mean that you don't need to be smart about backing up data carefully, etc.... But in a nutshell, JBing is safe and highly desirable after people do their due-dilligence and read about the process, its risks/benefits, etc. You've come to the right place though. Have fun with this newly found freedom, I remember when I first JB my phone, its bliss.
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    So I guess my only worry is still about the warranty as I need AppleCare+. If somehow I ruin the phone, should I still be able to get a new one? Does the phone send any sort of communication to apple that it has been jailbroken when it occurs?

    Thanks all!!
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    I think it was pretty well stated you cannot permanently damage your phone in the process anymore. Do a back-up before the jailbreak, if something goes awry, just restore it from the back-up. No one will be able to tell it was ever jailbroken and your AppleCare+ should be fine.
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    Don't make my mistake

    I fyou return to apple just do a full restore. I ran into a bit of an awkward situation a couple of months ago when my jailbroken i4's battery gave out. I tired for several days to get a charge but it wouldn't and I was forced to goto the apple store.

    At the time I had andriodlock XT fake carrier and barrell lock info installed. When I finally got to the apple store i was sweating bullets. The kind apple store guy replaced my battery and pulled me to the side and told me to be careful because most apple employees would void the warranty or not replace the battery.

    Long story short.......If you do a full factory restore you should be fine ;)

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