Jailbreak to only record phone calls

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    Obviously without jailbreaking there are several apps to record phone calls... I tried many of them, don’t like having to merge calls... and sometimes forget to. Also if using a WebEx dialer it doesn’t work. You can do this easily with android but I don’t want to go to android.

    This is the only reason I need to jailbreak, to automatically record all calls regardless.

    Never jailbreak before any concerns, best ones?

    I travel/drive A lot for work, so automatically recording would be helpful to refer back to for action items.
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    First off, you have to be on the correct firmware.

    Right now, the only jailbreaks available for current firmwares are for iOS 12.1.2 max. If you are on any higher firmware then you're going to need to wait until a jailbreak for your version is released.

    That means not updating until then.

    If you are on 12.1.2 or less then it becomes a matter of what's available based on the firmware you actually are using.

    Apparently there are some tweaks that are updated for iOS 12 so you're in luck there.

    Right now, with iOS 12 you have a choice of jailbreaks. Either Unc0ver or Chimera.

    PS. Going to ask a mod to move your post into the jailbreak section. You'll get way more help in there versus the iPhone Help section.
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    Thanks, I thought I was in the jailbreak section...new to using tapatalk.
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    It's none of my business (unless you've called me), but I hope you have checked with and are complying with the law where you live.

    Where I am, what you intend to do would be illegal under wiretapping/surveillance laws unless one gets consent from all parties in the call. Furthermore, in the USA, the strictest state law among parties of the call gets jurisdiction. So even if you live in a state that has 1-party consent, if someone on the call lives in a state with 2-party consent, then you have to get his or her consent.
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    Yes, I am aware that recording phone calls is illegal in most if not all states. Most of my conversations don’t need to be recorded. It’s just I drive a lot for work And trying to take notes while driving is difficult, so it’s only to refer back to on follow up things I need to do.

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