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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Paulyboy, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I'm new to the jailbreaking scene but so far I've had a problem-free experience with the whole thing – until just a little while ago.

    On my iPhone 4S Cydia was displaying the update badge with 5 updates so I opened it and went to the appropriate section to see what the updates were. There were updates for Auxo, SBSettings, Activator, some kind of eVASion tethered-untethered update, and another one I can't remember although it wasn't for something I installed myself. I'm pretty sure the eVASion one didn't apply to me but I read somewhere else on this forum that there was no harm in doing the update just in order to remove the badge for it. In general I just assumed that any updates that show up in Cydia for my account would be okay to perform or else why would they be there?

    So I hit the update all or whatever button and the five updates proceeded to download. When it was done a big red "Reboot this Device" button appeared so I pressed. Then for about five minutes (or perhaps slightly more than that) I watched the Apple logo just sit there on my screen, occasionally disappearing then reappearing, before the device fully rebooted up. In a sense it almost looked like what it did when I performed the jailbreak itself. When it was done all functionality of the jailbreak was gone. My iPhone 4S now looks and acts exactly like it did before I performed the jailbreak the other day with one exception. The shortcuts for the Cydia tweaks on the home screen are still there although tapping on them does nothing now. The same goes for Cydia itself which is still there. So minus those shortcuts on the home screen, which I could probably remove if I wanted to, the jailbreak appears to be gone.

    Now I'm guessing I'm going to have to go through the jailbreaking process again to get things back to where they were which really isn't that big of a deal because it didn't take long but I'm wondering if anybody else has ever seen this happen? And if so is it frequent? Also did I do something wrong by downloading those updates? Thanks in advance.

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    Worked. Thanks.


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