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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by janevo596, Nov 28, 2015.

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    To whom it may concern. I have had the same iphone 4 for 2 years now mostly satisfied. It is jailbroke and I use the full version of PDA net version 8.04. I've ised it for most of the time as a wifi hotspot streaming netflix, hulu, YouTube and all that. I use over 100 GB of data each month only having to pay $20 extra for a 2GB personal hotspot for the permission to tether. I use my phones existing unlimited data plan to not get overages. My question is, if I get an iphone 6 or 6s will it be able to stream just as well? My concern is if there is any changes to the new apps or phone that won't allow me to stream as well. I don't pay for television service or other internet so this is my main source for entertainment on my smart tv, laptops and work computer. Any help from one of you experts would be great. Thanks
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    Well, first off, unless you manage to find an iPhone 6S that still has iOS 9.0.2 or lower installed out of the box, you will be unable to jailbreak at this time. Given that iOS 9.1 has been out for a while now, I am betting most new phone stock probably has 9.1 pre installed at this point.

    Assuming you do manage to get a phone that's jailbreakable, I don't know what the current state of the tethering apps is. I think TetherMe has been updated for iOS 9 but I'm not sure about pdanet.
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