Jailbreaking 3 GS running OS 3.0

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    Newbie question. I've read a lot on this and am a little confused. I have a 3GS running 3.0 that I want to jailbreak. I know my options are Redsn0w or Pwnage Tool.

    1. If I JB in-place with Redsn0w, can I use Cydia's put me on file to be able to go to a JB 3.1 in the future (when 4.0 comes out)?

    2. If I go with Pwnagetool, I'm assuming I can create a custom 3.1.x firmware without the baseband on my mac. Then I can do a DFU restore on my windows machine (old mac, no iTunes running there anymore) connecting to Apple Servers as normal and get a JBroken iPhone. Then I can use Cydia's put me on file feature.

    3. Related question - when the 3GS came out, everyone were asked to do a DFU and non-DFU restore to capture some IBSS and IBEC files. I did this, but I presume these are useless since no tools were made that are capable of exploting this?

    Thanks in advance,
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    tell us the fourth and fifth digit of your serial number.
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    If the 3GS is running 3.0, it can't have the new bootrom ;)

    Come on now, this is an easy one. Weren't you saying you were talented enough to make an untethered jailbreak ?


    To OP, you can use Redsn0w 0.9 or Pwnage Tool 3.1.4 and neither will update your baseband (if you need to unlock).
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    The "on-file" option in Cydia isn't so much for retaining your jailbreak at that version number (although it is certainly suitable to that purpose), but rather is for allowing you to downgrade to that version of the OS on a 3GS phone, period, regardless of whether you intend to also jailbreak (again) or not after the downgrade.

    With the 3GS, Apple has it so that you can only install the latest version of the available software. Cydia has a way around that. What this means practically-speaking is that you can only downgrade to whatever version(s) that Cydia has on file for your particular phone (identified by the phone's unique ECID serial number). Apple removes your ability to downgrade to older versions whenever they release the newest version (just on the 3GS phone, and the latest iPod Touches). Cydia's "on-file" feature gives you the option to go back, but it has to do it for each and every version on a case-by-base basis (because it is getting the signatures from Apple directly while they are still offering that version of the software as the current/latest version), so if you didn't start having Cydia gather signatures for your particular phone until version X was released, then version X is the earliest version you can downgrade to using Cydia's "on-file" service.

    Yes, correct.

    They are next-to-useless currently, yes. Apparently those files are the signed iBoot files, and so are only useful insofar as retaining a version of iBoot that is specific to your phone and is vulnerable to jailbreaking goes. In theory, someone could still develop software that uses those files that you collected to re-jailbreak your phone in the event that Apple comes out with an OS update that blocks jailbreaking, and a jailbreak for that OS has not come out yet, and you recklessly update to that version of the OS. But those files cannot ever be used by themselves to allow you to downgrade to an older version of STOCK firmware.

    If, however, you were lucky enough to collect not only the iBSS/iBEC files, but also collected copies of all of the files generated by iTunes during the restore process (there were a handful of others, in addition to the iBSS/iBEC, that nobody at the time really told people they should keep, and so the vast majority didn't bother), then you can actually generate 3.0 signatures for your phone yourself, and use them to restore to stock 3.0 without using Cydia's "on-file" server (essentially you have them on file yourself...there's a piece of software you'll have to download and run called TinyTSS which acts like Apple's server and the Cydia server).

    More information is available over here.

    -- Nathan

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