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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by AppleNewsTech, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Hey guys I'm thinking of jail breaking my iPad Mini this Sunday when the jailbreak comes out. It will be my first time so I might need a little help. First, where would I even go to do it? Second, can I see what new features I can download when it comes out before it comes out? If so, can I have a link? Third, is there any way to unjailbreak it if iOS 7 happens to be really cool?

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    People/news sites will post a link to a website, so don't worry about that. Then, you'll find jailbreaking guide on idownloadblog.com on the release day. Lastly, one and only way to unjailbreak your iDevice is to restore it via iTunes (you can restore you backup later)
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    First, this should be in the jailbreak section, but I'll help you out.

    Keep an eye on the jailbreak section of the forum for all the latest news and info on where to download the jailbreak tool. We don't know what/where it will be yet since it is not out.

    You can google Cydia to go to its website and see some of the tweaks that are available. Also, a good google search for Cydia tweaks will show you some of the more popular tweaks you'll be able to install after jailbreaking.

    Yes, all you need to "unjailbreak" is to update to a new firmware when it becomes available, or, if no new software version has been released, just back up your phone and restore it to factory settings, then restore from your backup to be back to a stock iPhone.
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    So for both iPad Mini AND iPhone 5 it's safe to (using iTunes) upgrade to iOS 6.1 and still jailbreak, right?
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    Make sure you back up first, then click restore in iTunes. This will cleanly upgrade to 6.1 for both devices.
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