Jailbreaking issues (here we go again)

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    Okay, well I was having trouble using my 3G iPhone wifi unlocked and jailbroken on 3.1.2 with blackra1n. I decided to re jail break the phone in order to try and restore the wifi issue as that was the only reason I could find for this error. I restored the phone and re Jailbroke it. The only problem is now it still does not connect to wifi in order for me to download and install the correcy Cydia applications needed. When I try to put in an AT&T sim the phone does not recognize it at all and there for can not connect to any type of internet at all what so ever. If anyone has any ideas or suggestionso or HELP please post and let me know. I would appreciate any and all suggestions, thank you.
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    If your wifi is bad, no software is going to fix it. You can test it by doing the freezer test (put the iPhone in two zip lock back and leave in the freezer for ~10 minutes). If wifi works for a few minutes after you take it out, you know for certain it's a hardware issue. If it doesn't work it could still be a hardware issue.

    I'd just restore it without jailbreaking and see if you have wifi. If not take it back or pay $199 if out of warranty.

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