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Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by youknowit, May 23, 2008.

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    May 23, 2008
    1) i have 1.1.4 firmware Can i do it
    2) Any dangers ANY AT all that are un restoreable
    3) is it worth it
    4) howl long does it take
    5) can any computer IDIOT do it like me ?
    where can i get apps if i decide to do it and SAFE ones

    if you guys can asnwer mostly all these question i will be YOU BEST FRIEND lol

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    fastest and easiest way for you would be ziphone its a one button jailbreak.

    download it from: http://download.ziphone.org/

    when downloaded just extract to somewhere you will remember and load.


    this is ziphone, the button to use is the second button ONLY this will take a maximum of like 2 mins in total.

    when you press this button the ipod will reboot shortly after and you will see a bunch of code scrolling on screen then a pic of zorro (yes zorro lol) this is where it installs the installer app.

    eventually the device will reboot again and you should get the slide to unlock screen and tada your done jailbreaking.

    next thing to do is load installer and click on uninstall and see if bsd subsystem and openssh, if not click on install button at the bottom of the screen, next scroll down to system and install bsd subsystem and openssh.

    next thing to do would be to make sure community sources is installed by going to the sources button in the bottom right of the installer screen. this should have a few sources listed already if so then all good you have them installed. now to add a source, still in sources list click edit --> then add and you should get a pop up box with http:// in, now type ipodtouched.net/repo.xml and click ok. you should get a thing popup on bottom of the screen saying refreshing sources, next we want to add a second one so again edit --> add then type touchrepo.com/repo.xml and ok.

    right *phew* now some basic apps I recommend, during the typing of sources you no doubt got auto suggested words, to get rid of this click install at the bottom of installer then scroll down to tweaks 1.1.1 and click on kb2 and then install this time click add to queue, next click on categories and scroll down to tweaks 1.1.4 and click suid lib fix and again click install then add to queue.

    a few other handy apps to add are the patch for enabling the apps from the january app update, caterpillar 1.1.1 and PocketTouch.

    January app update (inc mail, maps, notes, weather and stocks + the wiggly icons and webclips)

    in installer go to install then scroll to the category iPod Touched and click on iPhone apps + wiggle and add that to queue

    caterpillar 1.1.1
    add the source: sephone.h15.ru/ripdev.xml
    now go to install button and scroll down to rip dev and add caterpillar 1.1.1 to the queue

    and finally PocketTouch (this is an app to allow the changing of tracks whilst Touch is in yout pocket without having to look at the screen full info here: http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46238)

    again in installer under install scroll down to multimedia and click on PocketTouch this time instead of clicking add to queue click install and all the apps you have queued will all install together.

    now click on the home button to go back to the home screen.

    now dont panic when you see your screen wig out on you this is normal its just refreshing the home screen with the new icons.

    firstly I'm gonna get you to tackle caterpillar 1.1.1 sorted, turn wifi off firstly then go back to home screen and find the icon labeled caterpillar. If you do not see it at first simply swipe your finger across the screen from right to left to reveal a second page, click on caterpillar when found and now you will be faced with a small list of items with ticks next to them, simply tick what features you require then apply and then click restart.

    here are a list of features of caterpillar so you know what to tick:

    - Recurring events are now supported;
    - Ability to select default mode: events or calendar;
    - Ability to turn off mode switching by clicking, so you can only see events or calendar;
    - The events for up to the next 7 days are displayed now (but no more than 7 on the screen);
    - The events view is wider now;
    - Fixed a visual glitch with a light line on the bottom of the calendar;
    - Fixed a bug with the volume slider not functioning in the iPod control mode.

    - 5-icons Dock support for firmware 1.1.3 and newer;
    - Ability to turn enable Reflective Dock;
    - Ability to turn off Dock background;
    - Ability to make status bar opaque;
    - Dark faceplates for the icon titles (nice for light backgrounds).

    - Ability to hide only the message text or both the sender and the text in the addition to the “standard” options.

    - The phone is only waking up to make a notification to conserve the battery.

    Smart Dialer:
    - Ability to dial a number from the Smart Dialer (including the plus sign, and */# symbols);
    - Improved the search speed;
    - Ability to choose the keypad language;
    - Added an option to include the region code when searching for phone numbers;
    - Added an option to delay the search until the designated number of characters is entered;
    - Vibration is only done for 0.5 seconds per key press instead of the entire duration.

    to use caterpillar DO NOT load the caterpillar app icon go to settings and scroll down to the bottom to rip dev menu and do what you need to in here then when you have applied settings click on the rip dev arrow in top left corner then click caterpillar and then restart springboard.

    I guess next would be PocketTouch, upon first launch you will be faced with the settings menu, personally I would turn show track info and volume hud off since this is designed to be in your pocket.

    enable taps is for tapping the screen to pause, enable t. swipes is for swiping the screen to change tracks and enable volume swipes well you can guess what that is.

    reverse t. swipes means it swaps track swipe from left to right for track forward to right to left for track forward and vice versa for previous track.

    anyway when you have messed with the settings to your liking scroll down to the bottom and hit save settings and your set for use.

    errr I cant really think of anything else to say at the min at some point you will probably wanna change the appearance of the iPod this can be done with either summerboard (under system category in installer) or for the best customization, summerboard & customize (under category utilities).

    oh yeh before I forget, go to utilities in installer and install bosstool and load it up, click on free disk space then click on relocate fonts then do it! (this will free up space to install apps) and then go to installer click uninstall then find bosstool click on it then uninstall and uninstall again.

    right thats me done for now if you need any further help post away
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    WOW thanks for the time spent in all that. that says it all and thin some ! :eek:

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