Jailbreaking Verizon IP4 5.1


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Jul 29, 2010
Hello. I am trying to jailbreak my brothers Verizon iPhone 4 that is running iOS 5.1. I have tried using redsn0w on Windows and OSX but the same problem occurs. I get all the way to the point where redsn0w says "Waiting on device to reboot" and it just sits there. The iPhone reboots but redsn0w never does anything. I have jailbroken my AT&T iPhone 4 numerous times and even have it jailbroken on 5.1 but I cannot figure out what is wrong with my brothers. Is there a different method to jailbreaking the Verizon iPhones?


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Feb 4, 2008
There is not jailbreak for IOS 5.1 at the moment.... your just going to have to wait it out.