Jailbreakme Turn Off Error?


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Jan 30, 2010

Ever since I jailbroke my 2nd Gen iPod Touch with Jailbreak me, whenever I turn it on from being of, I get the Apple logo, a thin line of dead pixels and a spinning wheel. I think the spinning wheel being loaded up before its turned on is weird. I also noticed after turning it on that all apps that were being multi tasked before I turned it off are still in the multitasking tab. It almost seems like it wasn't turned off at all! Unless the iOS 4 multitasking is suppose to act this way?



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Jun 27, 2010
All devices jailbroken with Jailbreakme.com V2 have the weird rainbow line and a spinning wheel before booting. So yes, it is normal.

Also, the apps shown in the multitasking bar are simply the recent apps, they aren't ALL opened in background.

If you shut down your iPod and reopen it, the apps you see in the multitask bar are off. When you click on one of them, they will start from the beginning.

My problem is: My iPod Touch (3rd gen) froze. I rebooted it (holding home+lock for 5 seconds) and I get the Apple logo, then a rainbow line on the top part of the screen, then a spinning wheel (Everything is normal yet,fyi) but then I get another spinning wheel on top of the old one and another and another.. til' the devices reboots and does the same thing.

Do I REALLY have to restore to get out of this?


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Aug 12, 2010
My problem is that halfway jailbreaking my wi-fi got cut off.
Displayed symptoms of jailbreakme on the startup screen, but no Cydia.
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