Jailbroke 5.1 tether iphone 4 disaster

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by seanman236, May 7, 2012.

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    So, I did some searching and was unable to find a solution to this problem, sorry if it's a repeat.

    So earlier today I was using SMSbite on my iPhone 4 when the phone suddenly crashed. Since that point, the phone has not been able too boot up fully. It will get past the apple logo and will sit and hang on the lock screen for about 5-15 seconds before it crashes and reboots itself.

    Here's the problem: it just keeps doing this. I have tried to put the phone in DFU mode, but the phone seems to crash before I can fully reset the phone.

    I have held the sleep/home button down on it's own for over a minute, the phone shut down but then rebooted.

    I have pressed the sleep/home button and then pressed the home button to try and place it into DFU mode. The same thing happens, the phone crashes before it can take the command and simply stays in the loop.

    The phone is completely dead now, I plugged it in to the wall to give it a charge but it did the same thing and I was unable to stop the loop that it was in.

    Any advice on how to make it so I can get iTunes to read my phone so I can restore it?
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    connect phone to USB, and keep connected.

    Hold home and power until it turns off, count 3 seconds, release power while holding home for another 10 seconden, DFU overrides all other modes.
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    I had the same problem as the OP when I accidentally let my phone's battery die out and none of what you suggested works.

    To the OP, I was very worried when this happened. Redsn0w wouldn't recognize the device and kept claiming it was an unknown device so it wouldn't do anything and I couldn't kick it out of recovery mode no matter what I did and no matter the program I tried. It also often wouldn't turn on and just had a black screen.

    I'm afraid you will need to restore the device through iTunes. You are going to have to plug it in through USB and wait until iTunes finally recognizes the phone. This could take a while if the battery is very low. Then tell iTunes to restore it. If iTunes gives you an error 1646, you will need to reboot and then restore. Eventually iTunes should pick it up, and you might need to unplug and replug it into the usb a few times. The first thing is to charge it up a little bit though, so plug it into the wall or computer for a good half hour. You will keep hearing the dong sound each time it reboots every couple of minutes, which is annoying, but don't worry the phone isn't actually a brick and eventually it'll get through the restore.
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    Reboot the phone and depress the volume up button as it reboots.
    That should put you in safe mode.
    Remove the SMS using Cydia
    Try to reboot again

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