Jailbroken ATV 2 with Xbmc "Playback Error" PLZ HELP!

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mbcporkchop, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Hey Guys,
    I just bought a new already jailbroken ATV 2 to avoid the large monthly cost of cable. I do not know anything about how jailbreaks are done and do not understand anything that is on the Xbmc forums (I have basic computer knowledge). I was looking for someone to please explain to me how to watch movies and shows on my jailbroken ATV 2. First of all I figure Xbmc is the main program to use to watch things. My problem is that I go to video in Xbmc there is only 2 options "files" or "add-ons" .. Once I go to either of them and I find a channel I want to view, usually the next folder that opens has nothing in it but "...". Others show more options once a channel is chosen and shows 1000s of videos, but once I click on it the next folder has nothing in it. Other cases I actually can find a bunch of videos in a category and I click to play and nothing happens (this is 95% of the content I am finding) after I try a few times a "Playback Error" appears. Can someone please explain to me in simple terms how to make my jailbroken ATV 2 play the channels and movies that appear on the screen. Thank you so much!
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    Take some time to go over some of these videos

    XBMC is a Media player, you need to have a media source, meaning you it will allow you to view videos you have shared on your network, either with another computer or with a NAS device (Network Attached Storage), it will not magically play videos from nowhere. There are some channels and addon you can add to stream some content form the internet, you will find most of the info you need on those videos I linked.
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    Feb 14, 2012
    Thank Maturola for the quick response. I have a lot of add ons which appear like channels (canada on demand, etc) but if it loads catagories and shows 14,000 videos in a catagory why does it not show me those videos when I click on it? and if I have a list of videos with a thumnail, name and length.. why does it show a loading pop up but nothing happens? I am just confused as to why the videos are there but do not play and why the channels are there with catagories but nothing shows up in the folders when I click on them. Sorry I just have no knowledge in regards to jailbreaks or computer lingo..
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    Much of the content from add-ons for XBMC was hosted at MegaUpload (like the popular IceFilms add-on, for example), which was recently shut down by the government. So a lot of it probably just doesn't work now because it's not available anymore. That would be my guess anyway.
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    Feb 14, 2012
    That would explain why some work and some do not thanks!
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