Jailbroken Iphone 4 - headphone jack problem

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by fox777, Apr 24, 2011.

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    Hi All. I have Iphone 4 with what seems to be headphone jack problem. When I try to play music or any sound with headphones only right side works and not left. I have tried different headphones so I know it is Iphone problem and not headphones.

    Phone is under warranty and I am sure if I take it to Apple store they will fix the headphone jack. However, I wander if I can take my phone without restoring to remove the jailbreak?

    So basically boils down to:

    1. Will they make me restore to clean non-JB firmware before they attempt to replace headphone jack?

    2. Will they try to mark my serial # as voided warranty because I brought phone in Jailbreak condition?

    (I wasnt sure about above questions b/c recently jailbreaking is not considered illegal anymore but was wondering if Apple still void your warranty/deny service because of it)
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    I doubt they'll replace the headphone jack, they'll most likely just give you a new phone.

    They do check if it is Jailbroken though and if it is they do take a zero tolerance policy on it. While it isn't illegal to jailbreak, it does still void the warranty since they can't be sure the jailbreak didn't cause some form of software damage.

    It's kind of a gamble, you may get a genius that simply tells you to restore it and bring it back or you may get one that voids your warranty.

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