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    Aug 14, 2011
    I was hoping someone could clarify a few things for me as I have read lots of topics on this subject, but all the information, and what I should do is kind of overwhelming.

    Anyway, I have an iPhone 4 with 4.1 iOS (or firmware), and I have it jailbroken using Limera1n.

    I have also had recent PC problems, which resulted in having to install iTunes again, and then iTunes treating my iPhone like a new one (unrecognized). I have basically given up on iTunes, and I am using Media Monkey, Copy trans photo, and another app that helps you with videos. Part of the reason I am avoiding iTunes right now is that I am afraid of restoring because I know that will erase some of the things I didn't use with iTunes(songs,videos,apps), but I am also aware of backup. And it is a huge pain to put all the non-iTunes media back on again.

    My question is, since I really don't want to go through all the iTunes hassle, is there another option for me to update my iPhone to 4.2 or 4.3? I imagine there must be especially for jailbroken phones. I have heard of PwnageTool(?) etc. But, like I said I am confused on what to do:confused:

    If there is anything. please let me know about it and how to do this.

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    You need to use Itunes to update the actual software of the device, alternatives programs will not update the OS of the phone.

    If you worried about it treating it as new then set itunes to not sync automatically. Plug in your Iphone right click your iphone and select backup then you'll be able to restore from a backup.

    You would lose purchases apps/vids/music on the phone unless you transferred apps via right clicking and selecting transfer purchases but music and videos would need to be backed up using an alternative such as you mentioned.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    So, if I am understanding right, I should first back up my regular playlists, videos, and pictures using iTunes like normal. Then, look up back up options for Cydia and Installous ( I have both installed), so that I can back up my jailbroken apps. (Does PwnageTool or Aptsync(?) help the backing up of BOTH Cydia and Installous )?
    After that, I would update through iTunes, and then restore from the iTunes backup, then re-jailbreak my phone using limera1n(since updating unjailbreaks the phone). Then use PwnageTool or Aptsync/etc. to restore my jailbroken apps.(How can I keep from losing some of my songs? A lot of my songs are in Media Monkey or some that I have downloaded directly onto my iPhone from misc. apps, are not in my iTunes playlist...any ideas?) And, is this method also good when you need to set up an iPhone on iTunes again?(because of my pc problems).
    If this method is correct, please let me know, and if I should check manually sync/manage music in iTunes before or after doing this.
    I have to admit that I do like iTunes, but ever since my PC problems, I have been dreading possibly losing a lot of my things on my phone due to iTunes recognizing my phone as new. Also, I wouldn't need Copytrans etc. any more if I can get iTunes up and running;)
    One more thing, I have heard about the iOS 5 which sounds awesome, and I was wondering if it was out yet. Because I was considering, instead of upgrading to 4.2 or 4.3 first, just going ahead and installing 5. But then I thought it would make my phone unable to jailbreak again. Is this true?
    Thanks again for any more info you can give!

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