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    hi guys is it possible to set a jailbroken iPhone to factory unlocked iphone like use-within all country i dont want to use jailbreak but the problem is that i have software unlocked iphone so do i need so perches some-sort of pin or something that can turn it into factory unlocked i dont use any sort of craked apps so what hell why use a software unlocked phone is it possible or not
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    Depends where you live. US, no way. UK, call your carrier. Other places, call your carrier and ask.
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    If you're in the UK on O2 they will unlock a contract phone at any time for free (you still have to fulfil your contract). If you are on pay as you go it costs £15 and you lose your free Internet bonus that you get for a year when you first sign up.
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    Dec 3, 2009
    "Factory Unlock" is a server-side setting. This is the tag your iphone has on apple servers. Therefore only apple can set it to "factory unlocked".

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