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    I have a jailbroken iPhone, and I recently downloaded a Hendrix album off of my friend's iDisk. The only problem, which admittedly isn't really a problem, is when I play the album in my phone's iPod, it shows a weird link to a spanish website. I don't know why it does this, and i can't get it to go away, even after altering the album's info in iTunes. I have attached a picture, but please ignore the backgrounder notification, that was a side effect of the screen shot and I didn't want to take it again because I'm in class.

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    It is like that because when some "illegally" downloads music from limewire for example, people put it online like and tag it with their name/website so people know where it came from. It can be changed by either erasing everything in the lyrics view on itunes, or replacing it with the correct lyrics. highlight song>press cmd+i>then look under the lyrics tab. :)
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    Hehe! Now you know where your friend gets his music from. :rolleyes:
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    duh, I totally blanked on that. I knew you guys would help out though, thanks.

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