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    Sep 23, 2012
    Anybody know how to use Jailcoder for running ios apps in jailbroken iPhone.I am using xcode4.2 and ios5
  2. Siggen, Oct 31, 2012
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Oslo, Norway
    Don't know about Jailcoder

    But what I do, is I compile the app without codesigning.
    Then I open the terminal and cd into the app folder

    cd /directory/to/yourapp.app
    Then I run ldid and chmod 755 on the app

    ldid -S yourapp
    sudo chmod 755 yourapp
    of course it requires that you install ldid, which is available lots of places, chmod is already installed in Mac and Linux.

    Then having SSH installed on the phone i copy it over using scp, remember to stepp out of the app folder first. And you use -r (as in recursive) as an option in scp to copy the whole folder.

    cd ..
    scp -r yourapp.app root@<your.phones.ip.address>:/Applications
    it will promt you password on the phone, which is alpine as default, you should change that :)

    a one-time only, you need to edit a settings file in Xcode to allow compiling with unsigned as selected.
    With the newest Xcode installed, this should be something like
    open Applications on your Mac, right click Xcode and Show Package Contents
    go down these folders
    and open SDKSettings.plist
    under DefaultProperties, change CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED to NO
    Everything is case sensitive.
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Oslo, Norway
    To make a deb package (writing this out of memory anybody say if you see mistakes)

    make a folder on your iDevice for messing around. I usually SSH into my iDevice and make a /DEB folder.

    ssh root@<your.phones.ip.address>
    mkdir /DEB
    now cd into that dir
    cd /DEB
    and we need to make a directory structure for your deb file, this is easy. The key folder here is Applications if your app is a program, and something else if not.

    mkdir Yourappname-version
    mkdir Yourappname-version/Applications
    mkdir Yourappname-version/DEBIAN
    now make the control file, guessing you have nano installed, if not get it :)

    nano yourappname-version/DEBIAN/control
    the control file should look something like this:

    exit by pressing control+X and press y to save or something.

    now we need to jump back to the computers command line, copy the app over, and go back into the idevice. There are of course other ways to achieve the same thing, but this is simpler to explain.

    cd /directory/to/yourapp
    scp -r yourapp.app root@<your.phones.ip.address>:/DEB/Yourappname-version/Applications
    ssh root@<your.phones.ip.address>
    cd /DEB
    enter password when asked for

    now you can build the app with en easy command

    dpkg-deb -b Yourappname-version
    now you have the deb file, optionally you can remove the directory you made in the start of this guide

    rm -rf Yourappname-version

    everything is case sensitive
    other ways of copying than scp might make weird files in all or some directories, these might mess up the deb file (yes I know they actually dont, but installing multiple different deb files with these weird files can result in error)

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