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Aug 23, 2015
According to the links here, Apple officially no longer repair 2016 Macbook Pros in Japan until further notice...

I can't read Japanese and only can translate via google. Some users expect the policy to spread to Singapore too until a fix is found.

Can someone read and translate more on the articles below?
[doublepost=1483902649][/doublepost]According to some tweets, Apple couldn't find a fix for the GPU glitches and there's an exorbitant amount of returns... That pressured them.

Kinda worried this policy would spread to other regions as my replacement MBp haven't delivered yet :(
[doublepost=1483902881][/doublepost]"Returns are still possible with purchase in Apple Stores but this issue is effecting resellers as their stocks are now not returnable and not repairable and they are at loss."
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Jan 10, 2014
In Sweden adding the Radeon 460 to the BTO adds 2-3 weeks before shipping. If you just upgrade the CPU it barely adds a week before shipment. Maybe they're just having a tough time keeping up with demand or maybe there is something fundamentally flawed with the earlier batches of the GPU. Hard to say.
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