Phones Japan Display Showcases 4.38-inch 503ppi full-HD LCD Panel

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    Japan Display Inc exhibited a 4.38-inch 1,920 x 1,080-pixel (full-HD) LCD panel at FPD International 2012.
    The resolution of the panel is 503ppi, which is higher than that of the 5-inch full-HD panel that the company has just started to mass-produce (443ppi) (See related article).

    After Oppo, HTC, Sharp, Samsung (with the upcoming S4), Lenovo just announced a 5" smartphone with a 1080P resolution


    Will apple provide such resolution for the iPhone 6,
    meaning they will finally modify their 5 years old iProducts interface, as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sharp... are expecting to do or will continue lengthening the screen :confused:

    [​IMG] :D
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    This is a completely worthless screen, too pixel-dense to read clearly, and nobody has any use for that many pixels. Plus, it's way too big. I mean, 4" is the maximum usable size. We all know that. *

    Unless... well, unless the iPhone 6 uses it. Then it will be "magic" and revolutionary and any phone not using it will be crap.

    * Sarcasm. I hate to have to point out that it is, but it often gets missed.

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