Java 6.x security risk (?) vs Java 7.x and broken apps w/ v7.x installs?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mgiamo, Dec 14, 2013.

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    In the past 2 months I received notice(s) from Apple, Inc. to install a update to my Macs for security purposes (this was since the release of Mavericks, which I did a single install [of 10.9] on JUST ONE of several other, newest Macs).

    The new (v7.45?) Java patch, I suddenly noticed, prevented virtually all of my Adobe Creative Suite CS 5 apps from booting up. Most became useless.

    - I tried them all: oddly, there were TWO 'still-booting' exceptions: 1). a 2012 purchased UPGRADE to CS 6 Photoshop did boot fully; and, 2). the originally-installed [but never updated to a CS 6 version] version of Adobe CS 5 SoundBooth app also booted w/o a problem. All else failed.

    Interestingly, a second upgrade to Adobe CS 5 (for install of Dreamweaver CS 6) did NOT boot, unlike the Photoshop CS 6 update, which as noted - did.

    I called AppleCare Support, as they seemed would be the most likely, and helpful party associated with the Java /Apple update made by Oracle for them (I presume).

    I didn't get a working solution for this BIG glitch; which apparently was NOT know to Apple at the time. I was advised to reinstall the v6 .xxx older patch - but it was "hinted" that I do so at some renewed security risk, vis a vis the overwrite of the Java runtime v6 patch, containing known security holes. The first weeks or trying to do this resulted in failures of the overwrite of the newer v7.45 (or whatever) Java to be 'undone' so the older, faulty v6.xx Java patch would restore my Adobe product usability.

    Eventually, tech support gave me - by pure happenstance, as it were - a URL to a page that had links to accomplish what I could not accomplish earlier. This page /link /information was actually on Apple's website (note: I had Google-searched for such thing, and never found anything that actually worked, despite [later] claims on an Oracle Webpage addressing a "fix" for Java 7.5 & Mac OSX, so to undo the Adobe apps incompatibility I had experienced).

    That said: I ask any of you, please: Can anyone provide some clearer info on what actually is my CURRENT security level, considering I finally was able to replace (?) the Adobe-obviating, newer security patch - and my Adobe capability has indeed returned in full (or does the re-install somehow run "in tandem?" with newer the Java 7.45 runtime version - not actually deleting it but allowing it to dually function, somehow on my Macs)?

    I can't get a straight answer out of anyone at this time, much less a "promise" of having a "secure" Mac or my network (even..?) - now with the older, restored Java v 6 runtime patch is [again] in place - and which apparently was first discovered to be a *big security risk* back to the LION 10.7 days...2 years ago.

    I am concerned about what to do; how to succinctly find out IF I have a security risk w/ v6.xx Java runtime installed (again).

    Thank you in advance!
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    Wow, talk about a hassle! Anyway... to answer your question about Java security, the way it works now is this: Java SE 7 and newer are the ONLY sources of Java plug-ins for browsers, which is where the VAST majority of the security holes that are being actively exploited are. Java SE 6 doesn't install a plugin anymore - it's only used for applications that need it. Of course, security holes in Java itself are still there; they're just less exploitable because of the requirement to break in through other means first.

    This means that, with Java SE 7u45 and 6uWhatever installed, you're as secure as you need to be. :)

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