java 7 version 51 safe to use?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jetlagged, Mar 20, 2014.

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    hey guys. i remember reading somewhere that it's not a good idea to install java because it puts my computer at risk. i dont know where i read that from, cant find it now. i have a macbook air 2012 osx 10.8.5

    I'm a member of this travel blog website and the only way to upload multiple pics at once is to have java installed. I just installed it because the older version java 6 doesnt work at all on any of the browser, chrome, safari or firefox. i installed java 7 version 51, and it works but only for firefox. anyways i just have this one website enabled to use it.

    what do you folks think? anyways need input here. thanks. i just dont what to put my computer and personal information at a security risk online.
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    As long as Java is enabled only when you absolutely need it (i.e. your travel blog), it should be OK. I would double-check that it's disabled afterward, though, as Java is one of the most common entry points for malware on the Mac.

    /Veteran MR user GGJstudios should see this thread...
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    You are fine. It is true Java has in the past been exploited as a way to inject malware on Macs, but that newest version you have at the default settings will prompt you to approve anything running from a website in Java. So as long as you only approve Java on trusted sites, you will be okay.

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