"Java Concepts for AP Computer Science" Opinions?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Avizzv92, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Mar 23, 2008
    I'm going to be taking an AP Computer Science class in school and the book we are basing most of the class on is "Java Concepts for AP Computer Science" I'm just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this book or the Author itself. I'm going to be having a very good teacher and it's a smaller class (which is a nice thing).

    I already taught myself a good bit of Objective-C on my own via books, and feel relatively comfortable with the language (but by no means mastered it). That being said the ideas covered in this book I am all very familiar with, so really It's just the syntax that's new to me since I know pretty much all of the OOP concepts in the book we will be reading. This will be my 2nd language I'm pursuing and heard that the first language will always be the hardest and learning new ones from there can be easier.

    Chapter 1. Introduction.
    Chapter 2. Using Objects.
    Chapter 3. Implementing Classes.
    Chapter 4. Fundamental Data Types.
    Chapter 5. Decisions.
    Chapter 6. Iteration.
    Chapter 7. Arrays and Array Lists.
    Chapter 8. Designing Classes.
    Chapter 9. Interfaces and Polymorphism.
    Chapter 10. Inheritance.
    Chapter 11. Input/Output and Exception Handling.
    Chapter 12. Object-Oriented Design.
    Chapter 13. Recursion.
    Chapter 14. Sorting and Searching.
    Chapter 15. An Introduction to Data Structures.
    Chapter 16. Advanced Data Structures.

    http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/compsci_ab/java.html is a description of the course basically, and the summary of the exam at the bottom of what we are expected to know is all quiet familiar to me and seemingly basic enough. I'm figuring this will look good especially If I do well on the final exam when looking at colleges.

    So basically has anyone ever read this book or took(taking) an AP CS class with Java in HS, if so what are your opinions on either?
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    Feb 28, 2008
    AP Computer Science is a piece of cake. Really. Just do lots of problems from various programming competitions and you can finish the open ended part of the exam in less than 1 hour. I took it last year as a junior and finished it in 30 minutes (and got a 5, of course) :)

    I should add that Java syntax is easy to pick up. If you're semi-fluent in ObjC, you can get Java in a week, tops.

    Here are the various competitions that I did while in Compsci AB:
    (Easy to impossible) USA Computing Olympiad: http://www.uwp.edu/sws/usaco/
    (Easy to medium) American Computer Science League: http://acsl.org/
    (Easy) New Jersey Institute of Tech Programming Competition: http://cs.njit.edu/news/programmingcontest/

    I highly recommend the Barron's book for reviewing multiple choice questions.
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    Mar 23, 2008
    So since I'm good with Obj-C, and I'll have an entire year of Java... plus my own Obj-C/Cocoa projects in spare time to hone my skills. The exam will be a really simple and an fairly easy 5 (Would be nice to earn the credits and less I'll need to do in College)? What was an example of one of the "harder" questions the exam. And how was it setup (multiple choice, essays, ect...)?

    I'm not too worried figuring most of the people that take the class in HS probably have limited/zero programing experience, and it was designed for someone such as that.

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