Java not working/How do I use DirSyncPro?

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    Hey guys.

    I recently acquired a 3TB external hard drive and would like to set up a system that will copy file-by-file new/modified files to the external, but if I delete them off my main iMac it will not delete it off my external.

    I was told DirSync Pro would do this nicely, and from the look of it on screenshots it seems adequate. However, I cannot manage to get it to run!

    I've tried the directions by punching in a command in Terminal, but I get an "unable to access jarfile" error. Double clicking the .jar file does nothing (seems I don't have Jar Launcher??)

    Google brings up nothing useful about the errors I'm getting.

    Otherwise, is there an easier-to use method/software out there? Carbon Copy Cloner doesn't seem to work, the drive is NTFS format.
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    1. Open Terminal
    2. Make sure you have JRE 1.7.0 and higher.
    3. Type java -version to check
    4. Type java -jar
    5. Drag the dirsyncpro.jar file from Finder to your Terminal window.
    6. Or copy the dirsyncpro.jar file to the /usr/bin directory, then you can just type java -jar dirsyncpro.jar

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