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    May 6, 2003
    When is Apple going to get the f@$&!&g message? Isn't Java supposed to be cross platform? When is Apple going to stop treating Java like it's their own and stop alienating people who don't have the very latest operating system? Did it with 1.5 and looks like they are going to do it again with Leopard. So what if it doesn't look Mac like? It's f@$&!&g Java! Apple did this with hardware. Got so proprietary with their hardware it just about drove them out of business. Now let's repeat that with software. Get the message Apple. Java is not about you!! And get real about Cocoa!!!
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    What are you talking about? If you mean requiring the latest OS to get the latest Apple implementation of Java (which by the way is standard unlike Microsofts J++) then it seems like a reasonable requirement. There is nothing stopping you from downloading the source on Sun's website and building it yourself.

    What exactly do mean about Cocoa? I'm intrigued.
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    How many Windows operating systems does Java 1.5 support? And how long did Tiger users have access to the latest version of Java?
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    Java for Windows is done by Sun, therefore they release it as soon as they release a new version.

    Apple has to wait for Sun to release a version and then release it on the Mac. It is obviouly going to take longer for them to release new versions (although I agree a year is a little excessive).

    As for Apple not supporting Tiger, so what? How many Java applications make use of features in the latest version? Doing so alientates people who are in an environment where updating the JRE is not an option. If you are developing an application that you want the most people to be able to use, using the latest version is often a bad idea as some people are unwilling or incapable of upgrading.
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    Feb 23, 2006
    Apple is in charge of releasing a JVM that is compliant to the 1.6 spec.

    What I found to be endlessly amusing was this little gem

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    Most of you are considering only how the delay impacts end users, when in reality it is Java developers who get burned. Compiling the source may not be a solution, since third party ports to OS X are often buggy and not fully functional. Using X11 is a possibility, but if I were a serious developer I wouldn't want to have to resort to it.
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    :confused: What do you mean?
  8. AlmostThere macrumors 6502a

    Yes, it is frustrating. But try look at it as a trade off for the other benefits found with a Mac, no platform is perfect.
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    May 12, 2007
    I don't think Apple has to wait for Sun to release before they start their port. As far as I know Apple was fairly up-to-date with the Java 6 port early last year. But then it seems it got put on the back burner while they concentrated on iPhone and delayed Leopard.

    Fingers crossed they will have it out soon on Tiger and Leopard. No reason why it should be Leopard only. Although in my opinion Java developers would be in a much better situation if Apple just handed back the responsibility to Sun. At least then we would be not quite so much write once, test everywhere, especially OSX...


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