Javascript and RapidWeaver... ugh.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by robo456, Jun 10, 2008.

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    I have a website that I've been wanting to re-do for my dad's company. I recently picked up a copy of RapidWeaver (and I have iWeb '08 too). I'm not looking for professional results or anything, just something that is simple and nice to look at.

    The site I threw together years and years ago (yes, I know it's terrible, blah blah) is at Really the only thing I'd like to re-use is the slideshow on the main page that was made with a javascript I had found on one of the coding sites.

    I've been trying for like an hour to figure out how to 'import' that into RapidWeaver. If you look at the source, I tried putting the appropriate code in the "heading" tab in RW and then pasted the actual code into the body of the site. (using copy/paste then highlighting it and formatting it as 'code') I've tried both the HTML and Text template pages with the same results.

    I read that you can make a slideshow with iPhoto, but when I did that, it actually made a QuickTime movie which is no good for what I'm trying to do.

    I figured it'd be a breeze on the Mac, but so far, everything I've tried has been alot easier on my PC using basic HTML tools. :( I was thinking on trying Coda just to stick with the straight HTML, but I like the idea of the easy to use templates of the GUI software.

    Thanks for any information!


    I found Slideshow/Slideshow 2 for MooTools that I've been playing around with, but can't seem to make that fly either. I'm assuming it's a pathing issue but not sure... /cry.

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    If you are going to use Rapidweaver 4, which I think is awesome, there are several ways to make a rotating image on a page. The easiest is probably using the plugin slideshow page. Put all your images in the slideshow where it shows you in the edit mode and make them all the same size.

    Next, if you are using Blocks for instance, you just drag a page block and place it on the home page and make it the exact same size as your photos in the slideshow. You then go to the Blocks page where the slideshow will be seen and open the BLocks Inspector. Under the Content tab at the top, under that tab there are three sub tabs, choose the Page sub tab and in the dropdown box there will be options for every page on your site, simple select the slideshow page and voila, when you save and reload you will have rotating images.

    There are many effects in the slideshow page for the images for fade out etc, i also usually make it not show the controls for the images or anything so it looks like a seamless series of rotating images. since this page will not be seen by the public, i de-select it from showing in the main menu. You can also even un-enable it i believe as well.

    i use the PlusKit pluging which allows you to import any HTML, Accordion plugins, Collages or Carousel plugins and put them on any page all while being invisible and drag the Slideshow page into it along with the others above and they are ll hidden but all work perfectly. You need all the plugins I have mentioned above at some so you might as well get them now.
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    Thanks for the reply... I got a different javascript working for now, but I'll definately take a look into the plugins. I found a few video tutorials on the Blocks stuff too, so that's great.

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    Thanks this was really a help and saved me money.


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