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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by knew2mack, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Hi all ~

    I'm going thru my computer trying to get stuff off that I don't necessarily need - but I don't want to delete something that is important to make it run I took a screenshot of what they are and hopefully someone out there can help me to understand.

    Also, if there is somewhere that I can go look that will have, not really a list, but kinda, a list of the things that anyone ABSOLUTELY MUST NOT delete....ever????

    It appears, when I open them, it was just a bunch of code(??) in that it's stuff left over from a site I happened to go to another time....

    How often do you all out there go thru and delete or clean or fix....your cache, perform disc utilities as well as your history...oh and the trash?? I notice that if I have a photo and want to delete it from a the main list of pics, that it deletes it from the album as well?? Also, if I have, for whatever reason, put a pic on m desktop to use for something, then once I'm done with it, if I delete it from desktop, it deletes from iPhoto as well ??.....????

    I'm wanting to go thru and start over. I intalled SL a few months ago and then I read somewhere that it's sometimes wise to go ahead and wipe everything clean and THEN start over, (after uninstalling SL as well)....any suggestions??

    I just notice that it's not running up to speed, as if it was a new computer....since I'm nervous of deleting something of importance, I find myself reluctant to delete anything at all (slight exaggeration)

    I do have tons of pics, I make candles so I have them on here....lets see, there are abt 2500 pics in iphoto....I'm wondering if I should zip them ( to make more space for flash drive) then put them on a flash drive that's easy enough to carry around....I find myself needing a pic for this or that, therefore I've been once again, reluctant to take them from the computer - any suggestions?? Is it wiser to zip them so I can put more on a flash drive or does it take up the same amount of space??

    Sorry, I went off in a tangent and probably wrote a few different topics that should've been in other thread - please forgive me....I had some health issues and just got out of the hospital....

    ok, my screenshot is attached, for that first issue -

    thanks so much!!

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    Same issues originally posted

    Good morning to all....

    I don't know what to do in order to get a reply, usually someone writes back within a day or so but nothing - i'm still uncertain of the issues I originally posted - would really appreciate some assistance or a suggestion of how to go about finding some assistance.....

    thanks so much
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    Oct 7, 2010
    I don't delete anything to be honest, there is no need. If you are running slowly there are likely other issues that you are facing other than files. If these files are located in your cache, you can delete them all. Once you visit a site, it will simply download them again if needed.

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