JB question - What's the major difference b/t iPhone and iPad hardware


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Mar 24, 2012
I got an iPhone 4s right before 5.1 came out. I'm sitting at 5.01 for now, probably will JB soon but was waiting to see if the iPad 3 jailbreak would be applicable to the 4s/5.1, as well. I've seen blurbs where the teams say it "should" or "might" work on the 4s, but no confirmation or screenshots.

Since the 4s and iPad 3 both run A5 cpu's, and both run iOS 5.1, what would be some reasons why the ipad 3 JB might *not* work on the 4s (at least kernel exploits)? Does iOS load differently, have different instruction set for iPad?


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Oct 13, 2010
iPad3 has A5X CPU which is different from A5

The ionic jailbreak works on iPad2 and 3, and will work on 4S as well, only problem is i0nic doesn't want to release it.

Just stay on 5.01 and jailbreak with absinthe and enjoy.


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Aug 18, 2011
Really? He released stuff before.
What's the point of having a jb exploit and holding it?
To wait until a firmware includes important updates so that more people will adopt that version instead.

I am not upgrading to 5.1, ionic is smart to wait instead of only releasing it to benefit the few when waiting, can benefit the majority