JDOD vs RAID 0 (SSD without TRIM, Snow Leopard)

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by LeandrodaFL, Dec 6, 2013.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    So, I installed 2x SSDs in a Macmini 2010, running Snow Leopard. SSDs are Samsung 840. Should I RAID 0 or simply JDOD? The reason Im asking is because I want to combine the disks in order to have only 1 HD in my system. I hate having 2 volumes. I dont need the RAID 0 speed.

    Having said that, and taking into consideration that I dont have TRIM, how should I combine these disks?
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    May 1, 2005
    It's a tough one to call with SSDs, so hopefully someone with the same drives can weigh in with a more specific response.

    Although SSDs don't suffer the same latency issues as HDDs when it comes to random read/write, they will typically perform worse for random read/write in a RAID-0 setup, just like HDDs do, so you're right that RAID-0 may not be ideal.

    However, at the same time RAID-0 gives up to double the speed when opening large files, so if you have some then I'd personally pick RAID-0 and take the slight hit on random read/write performance.

    Do you definitely want extra capacity? The alternative is RAID-1, which gives you redundancy if one disk fails, but can also give potentially greater read performance (since you can read from both disks, just like you would with RAID-0), though of course at the cost of capacity. I'm not sure how well the AppleRAID RAID-1 driver runs though so that might affect how much (if any) of a performance benefit you will observe.
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    I hate RAID 1. Yes, I NEED the extra capacity. All I do with my Mac is save photos and download/watch videos I think Im gonna go with RAId 0 howeever, cause I want to know imidealty if 1 drive fails. Does JDOD gives me such a warning? I will only be happy with JBOD if when 1 of the drive fails, the computer is unable to boot.

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