Jessops (UK) incompetence dilemma

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Schtumple, Jul 4, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Let's begin shall we, this is a small dilemma I just want to throw out to anyone with any thoughts.

    On Monday (28th June), I came home from Glastonbury Festival, I'd taken a bunch of disposable cameras with me and went to Jessops to get them developed.

    I paid a little extra to have the photos put onto a CD so I can post them up online, the guy behind the counter forgot to write this down, and when I went to pickup my photos, I mentioned the lack of CDs and the guy behind the counter took the blame, taking the negatives off me saying he'd post them to me, saying I'd have them in a few days tops.

    I waited a few days, and nothing. I rung the store on Thursday (July 1st) asking if they'd been developed yet, the guy said they'd been absolutely swamped with customers (*I'll get to this in a minute), and that he'd develop them later today, and that I'd have them for the weekend.

    So I waited, the morning post came and went for Saturday so I rung up the store once again, I got the same excuse that they'd been swamped by customers and still hadn't had a chance to do my photos, I said I was disappointed that a hour service had taken 6 days, and they still hadn't been developed, he apologised and said he'd sort it out.

    *Now, having worked a few shops down from Jessops, in a much larger store too, I can tell you, the 'being swamped with customers' line is BS, there was always specific days and times when there would always been an big dry spell in customers, usually Tuesday to Thursdays, from 8-11am, now, bare in mind this is a one hour service, it's a bit of a joke I still haven't got my pictures.

    My dilemma is this, if my prints don't come Monday should I go into the store and demand a refund (this is the only place near by that offers film developing), or, do I go in and sit inside making sure they develop the pictures right there and then?

    I know it's a bit of a douchey thing to do, but it's a service I paid for, and just because there's no one hour 'set' time scale in which they have to develop the photos, that's no excuse for why I don't have them by now.
  2. gheat93 macrumors member

    Jun 11, 2010
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    I would demand a refund right away!
    In all seriousness, six days waiting is ridiculous. Getting the job done within reasonable time is a part of the service, and since they haven't fulfilled this, I think it's perfectly acceptable to get a refund.
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    Feb 28, 2008
    "Douchey"?... mate - you may be talking to Americans, with all their ridiculous spelling and insults... but I'll bet you aren't one. Please - if you are British, STAY British - don't pollute our language with your adopted Americanisms!! *cringe*.

    [EDIT] - Yeah - you're almost certainly British - who else would wait DAYS to get a service that was meant to be delivered in an hour?. Stiff upper lip?... gimme a break! :D

    Grow a spine, and ask for a refund - what's the matter with you man?!.
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    Jun 13, 2007
    Ha! I watch a lot of American sitcoms, that's my excuse :p

    My only problem is it's quite awkward for me to get into town to demand a refund, I think they twigged this whilst I was there, hence them not really bothering to fulfil the service so far...

    My action plan is to ring them if the photos don't arrive in the post Tuesday, if they say they still haven't done them, I'm going in, getting them developed whilst I'm there, and demanding a refund, I'll record the conversation, forward it to their head office, I know what you're thinking, complaining to head office is a stupid thing to do from the outside, but from the inside, getting a phone call from head office brings in all manners of a verbal sh*tstorm.
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    Too mean!

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