Job decision, i'm in a bind!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by n8236, Apr 28, 2008.

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    Mar 1, 2006
    So i've been doing IT consulting (Systems Engineer) for the past 9 months and i'm yet to receive full-time or any perks. I usually get 1-2 days off per week w/ no work, so avging about 20 hrs a week. Sometimes I get 30, sometimes 35. It pays 20/hr with mileage reimbursed. My plan was to wait till my year was up then for all the perks.

    But recently an opportunity showed up. A friend of mine is leaving his data mining/analysis gig and it pays almost double w/ all the perks.

    I'm torn because my IT job (imo) is a bit more enjoyable than the Data gig. It's not to say the Data gig is boring, just not as refreshing because I did it b4.

    My buddy keeps telling me it shouldn't be about the money, but given my circumstances, it's difficult to neglect the money portion. I told him, if both gigs paid the same, i would choose IT.

    Another thing is, one of my bosses is leaving for a two week vacation in a week and the other one is having his first born in a couple weeks. And the data gig needs So the timing couldn't be any worse :(

    Basically, my heart is saying IT and my mind is saying Data. I know I know, I should do what I like, but that doesn't really say much.

    Iono :confused:
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    Dec 12, 2007
    So the difference is only that the current job is a bit more enjoyable?

    If there was more of a difference, I'd say go with what you really enjoy; If the difference really is only marginal, then will the extra benefits and money be more enjoyable as well? eg: Nicer vacations, more treats, a nicer suit, blah blah.

    At 20-30 hours a week, you can't expect benefits anyway, but the mileage reimbursement is really sweet. :)

    I'd go with the money, being as you say there's only a bit of a difference in Job Likability. If the Job Likability was a bit heavier, I'd say stick with that.

    Ask yourself: In two/three years will either job be more/less likable? Will the better-paying job have provided other benefits (aforementioned nice car, etc) that I really enjoy having?
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    Well, go in and state your case for full time now -- if you have a job opportunity paying double and if it is also full time.

    Bosses will understand that employees will either need more hours or money, or risk them going to a better paying job with more hours.

    The timing for asking for more hours or money cannot be better for you if they are in a bind with key people taking off.

    Usually the"we will see later" isn't a firm statement (and will almost always keep getting put off), a temporary raise or hour increase is usually something to make it worthwhile to stay...

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