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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hummer, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Feb 3, 2006
    Queens, New York NY-5
    Is it bad when you apply for a McJob and don't get a reply from the establishment? I applied to work at a Starbucks which is like 3 blocks away from my school thinking I would get the job because I'm like 2 seconds away from the Starbucks, I'm there every single morning and afternoon, and I'm a really big fan of Stabucks and I've been to enough Starbucks to know the routine (see; I have a bunch of reviews of about 40 Starbucks on my computer and I'm still looking for an easy way to upload them all). Well I put it in the application that I am a Starbucks enthusiast, but I haven't gotten a call from them since and they recently had a new team of staff in the store. So to me that clearly means I don't have the job. And it's been 3 weeks.

    I'm a bit worried that this means I can't get any jobs. I will pretty much work anywhere that I can reach by train and/or bus that is within an hour ways from my home. I am only able to work 48 hours a week, 6 days a week, not more than 8 hours any day in the week because of state restrictions, but I'm in school and I'm not able to work a full 8 hours on weekdays, but I can on week ends. I was wondering if this would really hurt me in applying for a job. I can work any hours on the weekends and only 4pm to 7 pm on the weekdays. I was also wondering that if I can't even get a McJob, what kind of job can I get with these hours?
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    Aug 15, 2003
    Most jobs are filled by someone who knows through the network. Or it maybe that by the time they looked at your applicaton, they had already chosen the people they wanted. Lets face it: the job yoe applied for is not a specialized field. They can take pretty much anyone who is not hideously deformed, IQ over 70, and have opposable thumbs. This is not a bash against Starbucks nor their workers. Its just the nature of the job. They can take anyone. The fact that they did not take you is not necessarily a reflection of your abilities. If, in fact your are hideously deformed, or your intelligence is in the mildly mentally disabled range, or you lack opposable thumbs, well, then your just screwed. :D
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    Work at Toys R Us. 8 bucks/hour to stock shelves during the xmas season.
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    As mentioned most jobs are filled by someone who knows someone, etc. Plus, it sounds like you're applying for a McJob near a campus. That means lots and lots of cheap labor who are all looking for jobs like that one - it's a tough field. I'd recommend checking with UPS/FedEX if you have a way to get to a package center easily. They need "throwers" (people who load and unload trucks) most of the time and especially around the holidays. The pay is decent, and they have some scholarship programs for employees if they keep you on permanently.

    The other thing would be to check with all night movie and photocopy places. Easy job that has lots of odd hours available which sometimes means high turnover rates. Along those same lines you could look into gas stations... another place with lots of hours available and high turnover.

    Good luck!
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    Jun 10, 2006
    Work at In n' Out, starting salary like 10 dollars I think (not sure) lol jk I know your in new york. It's actually quite a brutal job.
  6. Lau Guest

    Maybe they guessed that you weren't serious about the job? Or maybe they read MR. :p
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    Lau's right. When I was a retail manager, I was very reluctant to hire students as many times, they only wanted to work for a limited time and then quit. It costs too much money and people's time for that.

    Look for holiday employment. Every larges retailer in NYC needs extra people for the holidays.

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