Joby Ori for the New iPad??

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by tinycg, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. tinycg macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    Anyone heard anything of Joby releasing an Ori for the new iPad, because its slightly deeper than the 2, I'm assuming the existing case for the iPad 2 wont work. Has anyone tested this yet?

    I LOVE my Ori on my original iPad, and it only has 2 caveats, one I think was addressed with the iPad 2 version.

    1) the hinge that controls the stand is almost too good, in that when lying flat, with the cover open, it doesnt snap down into the case and has a bit of a bounce to it unless you snap it to one of its modes.

    I ended up fixing this with a strategically placed piece of velcro and it does the job very well, but would love if the case dealt with this better as sometimes I dont want to snap it together just to open and use it without it 'bouncing' when I tap.

    2) Smart cover support? I just noticed its subtly listed on their site, considering I dont have an iPad 2 version, there's no way for me to know for sure, does anyone else know?

    Instead of spending $70 on a nice leather case, or $50 on an overpriced piece of cardboard, if this came in at the same price point as the previous version, I think its a no-brainer for best case on the planet. :)
  2. bigjohn macrumors 6502


    Oct 1, 2000
    Monrovia, CA
    i love mine as well for the iPad 1. just got the iPad 3 and am wondering the same thing... any help out there?
  3. tinycg thread starter macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    bigjohn, I emailed them last night when I wrote this, if they respond back I'll update this.

    I'm worried that because it took them like 4 months to get the ipad 2 version out after its release that it might be a while.. I hope though that was due to the fact that it was still new for the original, that they had to do a smart cover redesign for it etc... where as hopefully the 3 can be retrofit.

    I love it so much I dont want to go to something else unless I have no other option.
  4. moogs macrumors member

    Sep 13, 2006
    Interested in this. Looks bulky and looks like it has trouble staying closed.
  5. tinycg thread starter macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    It's a little bulky, I'll give you that, but what it has in bulk it makes up for in protection, its an aluminum composite, so its strong and very very light. At least for the iPad 1 version, with no smart cover I never really had a problem keeping it closed.

    The iPad 2 version supposedly has smart cover incorporated so I would think the magnetic closure would prevent it from opening in any situation that it might have with the first version.

    It has a microfiber covering under the cover flap, the one thing I will say which is a slight design flaw which I'm not sure you can get around, is that the bottom of the cover when flipped around becames the base, so if you pick up any crap on a table and dont notice, you'll be putting that on your screen... I guess the same could be said about any case you flip open though, like even a regular smart cover.
  6. bigjohn macrumors 6502


    Oct 1, 2000
    Monrovia, CA
    I emailed Joby asking if the iPad 2 version would work and if not, if there was an ETA on the one for the iPad 3 (weeks/months), here's their response:

    Thank you for contacting JOBY.

    It's going to be a couple more days before we will know if the new iPad 3 will fit our iPad 2 products.

    I'm sure you understand that we're as interested as you in determining this.

    We'll let you know just as soon as we can.

    Maury Cohen | Product Specialist | DAYMEN

    So it sounds like they are working on it, which is good.
  7. tinycg thread starter macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    Same response

    I got the same response John, I was just about to post it, it seems like we're not the only ones expressing interest which is a great sign.

    My guess is they're waiting to get a few more new iPads to test to see if they can sell the current version as compatible or if they have to make some design changes.

    Either way, it seems like a good sign.
  8. hybra macrumors member

    Jul 29, 2009
    I found this on their website FAQ for the iPad 2 Ori:

    Will the Ori for the iPad 2 fit the iPad 3?
    The GorillaMobile Yogi and GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2 are not compatible with iPad 3, as they are a very tight fit. JOBY is exploring options for the future, and we will be announcing any updates by the end of March.

    In the meanwhile I have both iPad "3" and the Ori 2, and tried coupling them: the iPad seems to be kept strongly enough inside the shell in all the positions, but being the new iPad slightly thicker there are one corner and half a side a little sticking out. Another problem is that the cover doesn't seem to switch the screen off when it is closed. To sum up I think the Ori 2 is still usable with iPad 3 if you own already one and don't need a perfect fit, automatic screen standby on cover close or don't want to pay for a Ori upgrade.
    However let's see what Joby comes out with the new looks like it's a few days to disclosure.
  9. tinycg thread starter macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    Joby's twitter account has informed me that they are NOT going to make a version for the new iPad, and that the iPad 2 version is not a great solution either. Basically, the Ori going forward is dead:

    Very disappointed, but I guess again, the few of us that saw the magic in it, just weren't enough. :(
  10. Vm3100 macrumors newbie

    Mar 27, 2009
    I've been holding off getting the new iPad until the new ori was available,I have it on the original iPad and love it,very sad to find it won't be available.
  11. bandiit999 macrumors newbie

    Oct 22, 2011
    ori case

    I'm sure they will come out with something new and better based on the Ori.. looking forward to it as well
  12. geoelectric macrumors 6502


    May 19, 2008
    Yeah, I don't know. "We've decided that chasing after Apple is not a great business model for us" sounds pretty definitively like a dead end to me.
  13. judgecrandall macrumors newbie

    Jul 16, 2009
    According to some reviews on Amazon, the Joby Ori for the iPad 2 will fit the new iPad with a little effort, though results are mixed. Can anyone here confirm that it will fit the new iPad?
  14. bigjohn macrumors 6502


    Oct 1, 2000
    Monrovia, CA
    It doesn't fit, the new iPad is too small (if that's even a thing to be concerned with).


    I've been having a great experience with the Vario-SC from Zero Chroma.

    It gives me that adjustable stand with protection I came to know and love with the Ori. It does sort of depend on the smart cover for some of the protection, but at least it makes the smart cover better than just the sc on it's own.
  15. DavidGl macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2012
    shame ....

    Loved my Ori for iPad 1 - have now moved on to iPad 3, such a shame Ori wont be along for the ride :(

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