John Gruber interviewed Phil Schiller tonight

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Rogifan, Jun 9, 2015.

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    Wow not sure how Gruber scored the interview but it was fantastic. Gruber asked a lot of questions many of us would ask (in a respectful way of course) and got thoughtful answers from Phil. Just a sample of things he asked:
    • Software bugs
    • Reasoning behind storage options (i.e. 16 > 64 instead of 32 > 64)
    • MacBook and one port (Phil really defended this one and said customer sat and demand is off the charts; defended Apple taking bold risks; also said he owns a space gray model)
    • Was it a mistake to release WatchKit and not just wait for the native apps SDK (Schiller said no)
    • Naming of watchOS (Gruber joked that Apple was trying to kill him with these naming conventions like using the lower case 's' for the iPhone 5s)
    I'm sure there's more I'm not remembering and there was some fluff like talking about how good the iPhone camera is. But Gruber did get a dig in about the music portion of the WWDC keynote being too long. Schiller said they try to stay around the 1.5 to 2 hour mark but this year had to cut stuff and still went over. I'm not sure if a replay of the video will go up but there will be audio. Check it out it was really great.
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    Thanks for the link! Very very interesting! Just the fact that someone as high up was interviewed, let alone being interviewed by a "blogger"! Kudos to Gruber for scoring on this one.....
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    On top of getting Apple to mention his blog when demoing the new news app.
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    The video is supposed to be posted sometime.

    Gruber usually has interesting guests on the show, but this one was probably his best. It's pretty clear that he's spent years cultivating this relationship, and by the tone of the interview, it honestly sounded a lot like two friends chatting about the event. I think what made it the best though was some of the "inside" jokes for people who follow the Apple blog circuit.

    For instance, Gruber appeared to stumble when pronouncing "El Capitan", to which Schiller replied, "Come on. You didn't have trouble pronouncing it last week" in reference to the previous episode where Gruber talked to Mark Gurman (from 9to5mac) who has been spot-on in his rumor reporting including the name of 10.11.

    The other really funny bit was when Gruber was asking Schiller about the stability improvements in Mac OS X. Schiller stopped and said they "should address the elephant in the room. Marco" in reference to Marco Arment's blog post about Apple losing the functional high ground.

    Lots of other funny bits if you've followed Gruber/ Daring Fireball / The Talk Show for a while.

    Also kind of funny that the event was sponsored by Microsoft.
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    For once Gruber may just have something worth looking at.

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