John Lewis free extended warantee...or applecare?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by student_trap, Apr 27, 2006.

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    OK, so i bought my powerbook (sig) from john lewis just under a year ago. I have a little applecare left and of course, a whole year of the free john lewis extended warantee left on my mac.

    So how good is the extended warentee? should i stick with it (will be giving my pb away after the summer, but don't want the machine to break on whoever gets it), or buy applecare?

    as a side note, can you buy build to order models at john lewis?
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    James Craner

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    The John Lewis extra year should cover you from any repairs required to your laptop that are not caused by your handling or care. In other words if the hard drive fails they will replace it, but if you drop the laptop on the floor don't expect them to repair the damage.

    Applecare is generally quicker to get your laptop back, John Lewis does not repair them themselves, but sends them off. Also with Apple Care you do get help-desk support as well.

    However if you are planning to sell in the summer I would stick with John Lewis Extended warranty.

    I buy all my laptops from John Lewis due to the one year extended warranty. You also get a 28 day no quibble exchange as well - handy for any dead pixels that you get in the display that apple may say is in spec.

    However the one downside is that John Lewis do not offer custom configurations, at least not in the Bristol store.
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    It's actually worth considering John Lewis's extended warranty on laptops although you have to buy that within the first month. It's a similar price to Applecare but extends it to 5 years ;) if you think you're going to keep it (or give it to someone you know) in that time.

    I didn't bother with either - just kept the normal 2 year guarantee. Now that the Genius Bar is there, I feel less need for phone support! And for immediate help, MR is pretty good!
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    I work at the Nottingham branch at the moment and would say go for JL. Trust me we will pick up all repair costs for any hardware failures, (not accidental damage unless you extend, but home contents and/or travel insurance covers that usually). If they total over 50% of the original value of the goods, we ask you to reselect a new item for the remainder of the guarantee, (although since year one is Apple and year two is JL, if you are within year two even by a week, you get a whole new year from Apple anyway as it is a new serial number). The same applies to a lesser extent with extended warranties up to 5 years, (although we don't deal with the machine and repair costs, the insurance company who you take out the extension with will).

    If you sell it on, make sure you give them the receipt too as they will roll over to any new owner.

    As for 28 days no quibble, I don't know where that phrase came from, but it isn't quite as straightforward as that. If you have opened it and changed your mind, sorry but it's a minus 10% refund, (we pass on costs to you rather than markdown by 10% and lose cash for others' indecision). If it is faulty, we check it out first, (as manufacturers will do the same and if they turn out not to be faulty, we have them returned to us, have to mark them down and lose cash), but if it is genuinely faulty we will exchange. For dead pixels, we don't have to exchange unless there is one dead centre, 4 within 1cm of each other or 7 around the perimeter, but more often than not we do as a gesture of good will

    On the whole, buy from JL and you won't get better service elsewhere I guarantee you. Even if you don't feel like you are getting good service at times, I assure you other retailers would do even less for you.

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