Jolla - anyone excited?


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Mar 13, 2009
Jolla is a 'new' startup which is basically the sacked Nokia Meego team. Nokia has given it key patents and although it's a separate entity could be seen a hedge by Nokia if the Windows Phone strategy doesn't work out.

A good friend and Nokia fan grey-imported a Nokia N9 and while the ecosystem was of course small using it was in some respects like, 'Wow, this is what iOS should be aiming for in its next versions.' On some level it was the greatest smartphone OS ever - a more polished Android with a lot of the iOS slickness.

So who's watching Jolla? Is there any way they can be come a force or even a strong niche-player?


Aug 23, 2005
I loved my Nokia N9, the meego People / Social page is perhaps THE BEST integrated social feature that ANY of the myriad of handsets I've owned in the last 12 months featured. It bested iOS, Android and the only one came somewhat close was Windows Phone's people app.

Would certainly be interested in a Meego device, but it would have to have the apps I need. That was the biggest pit fall of my N9, I just couldnt get the apps.


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Jun 28, 2012
Sailfish OS

Hadn't heard of this before today (Sailfish is the actual name of the OS, with Jolla being the developers), but I gotta say this does look very nice. A tighter look than stock JB, crisp like Windows Phone but less claustrophobic, and more dynamic than iOS.

I read they're going straight for the chinese market (+ a few select Euro countries) to get this off the ground. Obviously the odds will be utterly slim for anyone new to break into the market, but perhaps with the right strategy they could pull it off. I sure wouldn't mind it if they did.

If they could pair this with decent enough hardware for the planned launch before summer 2013, I can see myself giving this a test run as my 4S will be nearing end of the 2 year contract. While keeping an iPad around, for my app backbone :p as obviously there won't be a whole lot of Sailfish apps around for a good while...

But yeah, gut feeling is good. Keeping my fingers crossed for these guys.