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Jolla Smartphone with Sailfish OS


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Aug 30, 2012
Long Island, NY
The video didn't say much about the phone, except it has the word "Jolla" written on it and that it can accept calls.

Seems like a device for people on the fringe who don't want to be "corporate sheep" buying phones from "the man", or for someone with a few extra bucks to try out a new OS.

It's not going to get any real market penetration, seeing how they don't nearly have enough money to compete in advertising, R&D, or production, and they don't have a known brand name like Apple or Microsoft, and even Microsoft is struggling in the phone department despite making THE desktop OS.

Seems like it'll just stay as a kickstarter kind of project. But it's cool looking, gestures are something that Apple should be looking more into with the iPhone, now that it has slightly more screen real estate.


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Mar 7, 2012
and even Microsoft is struggling in the phone department despite making THE desktop OS.

I second this. just how they are going to compete ? mozilla OS also looks promising, the point is why would they bother in the first place.

their innovation, even if they did survive could be copied by the bigger players. just like opera in all the browsers choice.

I think for a mobile OS these days, is really hard to compete. because it is all about the platform. not just OS, and even microsoft is trying really hard to make win 8 a compelling platform for both users and developers.


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Jan 30, 2008
IF it can gain any kind of cult offering, critical acclaim and genuine innovation, this start-up can sell the company for a massive profit.
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