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Apr 12, 2001
22,377 provides an interesting service for iPhone (or any mobile) phone users. The free service allows you to dictate short messages to yourself or to others over your mobile phone.

The intent is to provide a way for people "on the go" to send themselves and others short text messages just by using your voice. A toll free number is provided which identifies you based on your mobile phone caller id. You are prompted for who you'd like to "Jott" to and you then record your message. The message is then transcribed (by humans) and sent to the recipient.

When you receive the message, a link to the audio is also provided (sample) in case the transcription is somehow missed.

Mashable reports that Jott is venture capital funded and plans to keep the basic service free.

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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
Interesting idea.. I guess being transcribed by humans (what, no monkeys?) is far more accurate than speech recognition, but still could be very inaccurate dependant on the caller's voice & accent.

Still, I can just imagine the practical jokes those guys will have in their office.:p


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Jul 4, 2007
same here. I was really disappointed when I found out my iPhone didn't have voice memo capabilities. So now I use jott and its awesome!

Yes, this will do until we get a built-in voice memo app that syncs to iTunes. Also, I wish voice mail would sync to iTunes, and a motion video recorder that syncs would be great. The voice memo and camcorder are bound to come in a software update. I hope we don't have to wait more than a couple months for it though I suspect it will be more like six to twelve months. There are so many more pressing issues for Apple to work on first.


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Jul 17, 2007
Sympathy about the iPhone

I was quite displease when I read in an article in Mac World that the iPhone wasn't going to have video capability and voice notes, AND hands free dialing at that! I'd figure these things come standard on all phones these days! It can only say a few things... Jobs has something up his sleeve....or jobs has something up his sleeve! haha In the mean time...Jott. yes this is a great app!!! Takes place of that voice recorder plus a million! MANY...SOO MANY uses for Jott these days including integrations with Twitter and Vitalist. BTW...Jott also uses voice recognition along side of human transcribers. And yes...the free version will stay up, even after beta breaks and the business model is release. I just hope to see more with the free version! I'd (and already have) recommend Jott to anyone. Happy Jotting!


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Jul 1, 2007
what i would really like is an application that can read my SMSes to me while im listening to the ipod!


Jun 18, 2004
...Still, I can just imagine the practical jokes those guys will have in their office.:p

"Mike Hunt has been out in the sun all day at the beach. Mike Hunt is hot and sore. The sand is making Mike Hunt very itchy."
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