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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Fujitsu1522, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Hi there i am very new to Imac, or any Mac, this is my first, i'm learning though, and i have a large manual to get through when i get chance, my problem is i am an amateur Pro, Photographer, i take on several Weddings a year, due to ill health that's my limit, but i can not refuse when its word of mouth, if i'm not too bad when asked i'll do it, anyawy that's enough of that, i have just bought my first Imac 27 i5 12gb Ram. My problem is, i have taken images using a Nikon Camera, saved images to cards, they both read in Windows and on OSX 10.82 ive made backups, my prob is, when i place the jpegs on an sd card they will not show up on a modern tv that has an sd card slot, also i have tried usb slot on my own tv? what am i doing wrong, the files read .jpg jpegs both computers ok, just when they are put on a card for tv, i even lowered the amount of images on a card incase it was size, amount etc, can anyone point me in the right direction, as i am out the next couple of days, i shall check for answers Thursday morning before i leave for a few days away, thanks for any up front advice, the images are sRGB RGB, being new to a Mac, it could be something simple, like i say Both Windows and Mac read the images as normal, thanks in advance, as its quite an urgent request, i need to pass the images over to be viewed over a tv, a request from the bride....
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    Card format

    I suspect the the TV requires a FAT32 file system so make sure the card is formatted as such, which I suspect it is since both PC and MAC can easily recognize the card.

    Once that is absolutely certain, this problem has nothing to do with PC or Mac, but the TV itself. Without your TV's model number no one here can supply definitive answers. But, first check your TV's manual to learn how to view images from an SD card.

    Hope this helps some.

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