Judge Approves AT&T and Time Warner Merger

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    Uhmmm... the economic crash in 2008 was because of the repeal of government regulations which allowed for mergers that up to that point were not allowed under Glass-Steagall - or rather the addition of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that overwrote 2 key provisions of it -- allowing for merging banking and securities firms together. Dodd-Frank added oversight to the new conglomeration of financial services, and the industry argues that it isn't needed because of BASEL III, an industry self-oversight tool.
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    Keep calling... AT&T is not buying Time Warner Cable. ;)
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    I guess maybe this is another reason to check out porting Verizon?
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    I think that there may be a misunderstanding here. The crash happened because the banks were being more aggressive with issuing loans, and were handing out money hand over fist to people that should not have been able to receive loans.

    Regulations increased on the financial institutions that led up to the crisis of 2008. Here's an article that might help create some understanding:

    but if you don't want to trust that source, here's another (albeit written by Republicans):
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    How does this relate to that?
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    The judges' decision is not based on reality. When was the last time a big company lowered it's rates? My electric bill is higher than ever, my water bill has gone up, and my telephone bill went up (again) this month. The one thing all these companies have in common is they are near monopolies with no competition. I "cut the cord" when Dish raised their rates... wish I could afford to line my roof with solar panels.
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    When will they bust up these companies again? 2020? 2024?
  8. unobtainium macrumors 68020

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    I know what you're referring to and I think there are valid points on both sides, but it's too broad to say that regulation caused it. Mike Conczal assesses it better than I could: https://www.theatlantic.com/busines...-regulation-cause-the-financial-crisis/26880/
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    No... no confusion here. I work in the industry and have for over 15 years... I am inundated constantly on trainings on these things. The “regulation” of Gramm-Leach-Bliley overwrote 2 key provisions of Glass-Steagal and allowed for mergers between investment and banking firms. Citi with Solomon Smith Barney. BoA with Meryl Lynch. HSBC with Household. And so on.

    By bringing in the investment arms, a new mindset took off - that of investment at a higher risk and higher profit. A piss-poor balance of Risk-Weighted Assets against Liquidity on hand. This is your mortgage-backed security up against actual cash deposits. As these MBS’ were lumped together with ARMs for fringe, or worse, credit-worthy individuals at a rate too high, it didn’t take a large number of actual real foreclosures (in terms of the full number) to bring the house of cards down.

    Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Agency were created to put regulations on these unregulated items and set forth liquidity requirements and establish a balance between liquidity vs RWA. Because of the global impact of the crisis, the industry has adopted BASEL III around the world to self-regulate. It’s actually even more strict than Dodd-Frank - making it redundant. All that was repealed from Dodd-Frank were loosening the restrictions to allow smaller firms and credit unions to have some breathing room. The bill still exists though.
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    Yes, those shows are stupid and are for the brain dead who don't want to stimulate their brains.
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    Kind of like what some have said about books in the past.
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    Looks like the local duopoly just became a monopoly. Where o where is Google Fiber?
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    I originally thought the same thing, but they are different. Time Warner is the content creator, where as Time Warner Cable is the ISP that was merged with Charter, and became Spectrum.

    Hope that helps clear it up!
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