July 16 apple press conference really make me angry

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CBR900RR, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Apple already have the video up over here.

    A little bit about my iphone4 delima, nothing new, just like everybody, dealth grip or touching the external antenna seam/gap does drop all the bar on my phone on certain area with weak signal, white balance issue on picture taken indoor during night time.

    On top of that, I had my bottom water sersor trip, apple is going to get me a free replacement.
    I call applecare on 7-4-10 and want them to document my reception issue, never ask for anything free, and the senior rep said he will sent me a white bumper on 7-24-10.

    I can live with the above short comming, because I still believe the iphone4 is still the best smart phone you can buy as of today, but what really bother me is the press conference JOB's given today, let me break it down

    ANANDTECH.COM already proof that the iphone4 drop more bars than the rest of the phone, they are not all the same.

    If I read this correctly, the other 99.45% of applecare caller are calling for non iphone4 antenna/reception issue, PLUS OTHER APPLE PRODUCT ISSUE, APPIONTMENT TO GEUNIS BAR, ACCESSORY ORDER, etc....
    Why don't he just give the number of call about the antenna issue.

    Edit, my bad, I looks at the video again at 14:50 and it does say "percentage of all iphone4 user" which is .55% of 3,000,000 sold.

    What about the return rate at APPLE store?

    This post conference is just full garbage, they just disclose information to their advantage, but not the whole truth.

    And don't tell me to return the phone if I don't like it, I already said this is the best phone on the market and I can live with the short comming, but everytime JOB open his mouth, if makes my blood boil.
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    Can you name me a company who doesn't do this?
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    You read incorrectly. He's not say out of the total amount of AppleCare calls, 0.55% are for reception issues, he's saying out of the total number of iPhone owners, 0.55% have called about reception issues.

    Return rate (if you had actually watched or read about it) is 1.7% vs 6% for the 3GS.

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