July 2011 NewmodeUS optical drive caddy better than OWC for current MacBook Pros

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Pinkhamster, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Aug 7, 2011
    I bought a refurb 2011 unibody MacBook Pro 17" directly from Apple last month and at the same time placed an order with OWC for their DataDoubler optical bay caddy and external SuperDrive enclosure (as well as a hard drive ordered elsewhere to go in the caddy) so that I could immediately start using the MacBook Pro for work. My experience with the OWC solution was unpleasant except for a good returns policy.

    The problems:

    1) The screws that came with the DataDoubler caddy were too short to attach the DataDoubler to the optical drive bay, because the area where the screws had to go was several times thicker than the same area on the SuperDrive. So the optical bay caddy would have only been held in by a single screw on the opposite side. I called OWC technical support and the representative said no one else had such problems with the product and asked me to take photos of my MacBook Pro optical bay and email them to him to help him diagnose the problem. I did this and he said that OWC was currently "taking a very close look" at the DataDoubler product and he would let me know whenever they found something. I waited a couple of days and replied that I needed a timeframe because I needed to use my Mac. He said there was no ability to predict the timeframe because OWC's product development team was currently testing this bracket in the current MacBook Pros and he had no idea when this would be complete. I thought this was a very strange response, given that OWC advertises that this bracket works in my model MacBook Pro -- why in July 2011 were they still testing the Data Doubler in the MacBook Pro that was released in February 2011, and why were they selling the product for this model if they hadn't finished testing it? At this point I demanded a refund since I couldn't use the product as advertised, and got one in a speedy fashion. So no complaints on the refund, just the time wasted in going with the OWC solution.

    I read comments about the NewmodeUS caddy that it didn't screw in properly as well, but noticed that NewmodeUS had a new installation video on YouTube that looked like it worked better (the screw area was the same thickness as the SuperDrive, unlike the OWC solution), and I noticed that the product listing on NewmodeUS's website said it was a new version released in July. So despite the comments on this forum went with that model over the Nimitz eBay solution, as I read a comment about the Nimitz that its screws caused the bottom of the MacBook Pro to not lie flat. Got the NewmodeUS caddy, and it works perfectly for around $30 less than OWC's product.

    2) When the NewmodeUS caddy arrived I was finally able to use the OWC Superdrive enclosure, and when I went to install the Superdrive in it using the installation video on their website, the video told me to secure the enclosure to the Superdrive using two screw holes on the Superdrive that were not there on my Superdrive. I assume this is due to changes in the February 2011 MacBook Pro Superdrive that had not been updated for in the installation video or in the product itself. As a result, the Superdrive is only held into the enclosure by pressure from one screw rather than the three screws that came with it and that are shown being used in the installation video. I decided not to return this as I didn't know if I would have better luck with another product, but I thought that OWC charging about $50 for a plastic enclosure that didn't perfectly work with the current SuperDrive was more than a bit cheeky.

    Just offering this anecdotal evidence to anyone trying to sort through all of the various optical bay caddy stories on this and other forums. It seems like these models are changing with time and what once was a great solution at the time someone posted a story like this on a forum may no longer be a good choice. At this time (or at least when I made my orders last month), the OWC products did not work well with the 2011 MacBook Pro and I ended up wasting a lot of time and worry over it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this!
    Very helpful!
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    Does anyone know...

    Does anyone know if the Newmodelus caddy will fit and work in an Early 2009 Mac Mini? I want to add a second drive, BUT the OWC price is ludicrous.



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