Resolved Jump Drive on Windows 7 will not format

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  1. Hugh, Feb 10, 2013
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    I have a Jump Drive that I've been using on the Mac side, now I want to use it on the PC side (Bootcamp). Easy you would think, right? Well it's not, if I partition the Jump Drive with Disk Util on the Mac for Fat. However when I plug it in Windows 7, it tells me that it needs to be formatted. Okay, I go to format it andit only lets me format 200mb, the drive is 32gb.

    Why is this happing and how do I fix it so I can format the full space of the Jump Drive.



    I figured out what I was doing wrong, I wasn't using the right partition table. As soon as I changed it to Master Boot (I think that what it was), I was able to format the Jump Drive at it's full size on the PC side. Thanks for the help. :D
  2. simsaladimbamba

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    Did you try to use Disk Management in Windows to format the drive?
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    I don't know why mac isn't letting your format correctly as FAT. Try windows instead of dos in the parenthesis.

    Windows won't let you format partitions as fat32 greater than 32 gb. I suspect you drive is slightly more than 32 gb, maybe 32.3 gb, that's why there is a problem. You could format as exFAT or NTFS, although NTFS will only allow windows access whereas exFAT works on windows 7 and mac os snow leopard or newer.

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