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    Jan 30, 2011
    Jumping Escape is survival game. There you need to survive alive in electric field as long as you can. This mission isn't easy, because more electric beams coming when time passes. This is simple game, you only have to jump over beams, but it's very hard to survive when multiple beams coming at same time...


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    Jan 30, 2011
    Updated version 1.4

    Easy way to challenge your friends on survival battle. You need to jump over electric beams and survive as long as you can inside electric field. You use tilt control to move ball and swing phone up or down causes your ball jump. This need some skill and fast reflex to make good times!

    ★ one ball
    ★ single beam
    ★ multiple beams
    ★ multiple profiles locally and online
    ★ online and local hi-score board
    ★ share your times on facebook and twitter
    ★ ranking result after your performance
    ★ make facebook status updates on game
    ★ make twitter tweets on game

    ★★★ So, now it's time to play! ★★★


    Jumping Escape only 0.99$

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