Jumping Star - The best version of Doodle Jump?

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    Jumping Star
    Available Now FREE on AppStore

    *BE WARNED: Jumping Star is Insanely Addictive*

    This is one of those games that nobody knows, but when you play it, you do not want to stop playing.

    Is simple, you need to keep jumping upon the sky to get the highest score. Get Points between clouds, capture the balloons and coins, use potions and others funny tools to make more points and keep jumping. But watch out from the bombs, these are really bad.

    - Over 25 different animations and sounds.
    - Move your device (Tilt) or touch the screen to make the star move.
    - Amazing Animation Effects - rain, clouds moving, disappearing, makes you smaller, stop the time, fog, spinning around the sky and exploding effects.
    - Jump on clouds, trampoline, balloons, potions and coins to get more points.
    - A special Gold Cloud to get more points.
    - Submit score to Facebook & Twitter
    - Compete again friends and share your score on the GameCenter.

    What are you waiting for? Helps the Star to reach the sky and enjoy the funny sounds and animation effects during your adventure.

    How to play:
    Tilt to move left or right or touch the screen left or right, tap the screen to start. Remember to keep the Star away from bombs.

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    A better description of this Awesome Game. Free

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