June 09 MBP, shut down after connecting Ext. HD

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by danimal99, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I'm not sure what to think of this, but hopefully you guys can help. I have a June 09 MBP 13", and in my TV editing class lab this morning, we were getting all the students' external HDs formatted and setup for Final Cut Pro. Our lab equipment is really old, dual G5 Mac Pros, and it was taking the instructor a long time because only hers was authorized to reformat drives. I offered to help since I had my MBP with me, and formatted a couple of drives. Then, there was one that her G5 wasn't recognizing, so we plugged it into my MBP. My MBP was on battery, and her HD was plugged into the wall outlet. It's a WD MyBook, one of the 3.5" big ones.

    Immediately, my mac went blank, and the lights went out. It wouldn't wake up, and so i played it cool and put it back in my pack.

    Now after class (through which I felt a moment away from a panic attack the rest of the time :) I am in the library and when I pulled it out, it was warm and had clearly been running the whole time. I held down power to hard shut it down, then it restarted, althought it stayed on a white screen for a long time before giving me the gray boot logo.

    When I plugged my own external HD in that I use for time machine, it so far after several minutes hasn't shown up yet (and doesn't appear to be being accessed), and an fsck_hfs process is stuck apparently, using almost 100% of one CPU core.

    I also could have sworn I heard tiny clicking noises at one point too, coming from around the area of the power switch but it's possible that came from another person sitting around the corner from me. He left, and I haven't heard those clicks since then, but I'm still worried.

    Have I potentially killed my errr, baby? Hate to think of it in that terms, but it is essential to me personally and professionally as I also work on it.

    Do I need to drive a couple hours to the nearest Apple Store and let them look at it?


    So I watched HD access for a while and it was only reading my time machine external constantly, then I eventually just killed the hfs process. Once I was sure my HD was no longer being accessed, I unplugged it, waited a minute, then plugged it back in. It was quickly recognized, then Time Machine took over and ran a quick backup. Everything seems back to normal, and I haven't heard any of those clicking noises. Hopefully that means it's back to healthy, but are there any diagnostics I can run. An app, maybe?

    Thanks for any help.
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    That's actually a good sign - it's your MBP recognizing that there was a problem and running a complete set of tests to make sure it wasn't still an issue (your MBP typically skips all these tests in favor of a quicker boot).

    Rebooting is all you need to do in your case. It stops the problem processes, checks for problems, and starts anew.

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