Just a Little time on Battery percentage and lifetime

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    Oct 4, 2009
    I notice alot of people are complaining still about battery life after JB'n and/or cracking.

    Check this out, I use to work for a cellphone retailer and this right here what Im about to tell you will work I dont have proper documentation to back up my words but if you really want to try it go for it.

    The battery has different "pockets" called "Cells",
    the battery also contains a very elementary style of "Memory"

    when you leave your phone on the charge for excessive times what begins to happen is the "cells" temporarily loose they limit of charge hold. when this happens its begins to give false readings on charge time and remain life.

    To correct this....
    1). Completely drain your phone's power (ensure that it will not even cut on, completely drained!)
    2). charge up your phone for 24hrs
    3). after that, you should not charge your phone until it reaches 20% from there on out and dont leave it on the charges for me than 6 hours.

    My phone had this issue until I did the above and now my battery life is back to norm
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Connecticut, USA
    Some of your advice us good; if you are suffering from poor battery it is adviseable to drain your battery to recalibrate the battery sensors. You should not try to run your battery below the initial automatic shutoff, however; completely discharging a lithium polymer battery will damage it. It is also not advisable to run it down to 20%. Generally it is recommended to charge between 40% and 60%, but it doesn't hurt your battery to top it off. Lithium polymer batteries do not have memories. That applies only to older Ni-Cd betteries. Finally, it does not hurt your battery to leave your phone on the charger; the iPhone has built-in charging circuits which turn off the charger when full.

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