Just a positive thread...


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Aug 9, 2009
I see all these complaints with the iPad clock and wifi. Well, yesterday, I picked up my 64gb, synced it a few times, roamed outside of the house down the block, and its working perfectly. It might be a diamond in the rough, but I just thought I'd let people know that there are iPads out there without problems :)


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Sep 15, 2007
I am also one of the lucky ones that have no problems. I suspect there are hundreds of thousands that just are busy enjoying theirs and not posting here.
I am sure future software up dates will take care of the little problems that are occurring with most.



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Apr 11, 2010
My wifi is perfect but my clock is always 2 minutes slow. Mildly annoying but I can handle it.


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Apr 2, 2009

Bought one Friday and it has been perfect. My wife fell in love with it and I had to buy her one today. So far both have been flawless.

Sleazy E

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Nov 24, 2009
My wifi works perfectly, my clock works perfectly, I have no yellow screen, and it's blazing fast. Oh and no dead pixels either


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Apr 5, 2010
Rochester, NY
It's nice to finally see people enjoying their iPads...
Like the OP said, too many people are just finding little things to complain about and it's making these forums become kind of annoying
every other post is "this doesn't work" "this seems weird to me, what about you" "I wish they did this differently" "I can't believe it doesn't do this" and so on and so forth....
being one who hasn't gotten an iPad yet, it is really annoying to see all of these negative posts. Enjoy your iPads people! Your lucky to have something so awesome...


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Jul 18, 2002
West By God VA
Love mine, it is perfect. No dead pixels, WIFI works perfect and is FAST, clock not off. This little guy is sooo useful. It will be even better with 4.0 on it.


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Jul 3, 2009
I have two that are great. Will be ordering two more pretty soon.

Like the new iMac, I don't believe most of the complaints. No picture, it didn't happen.

We have a big influx of complainers who more likely than not, don't even own an iPad. They just want to complain or run down apple.


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Jan 5, 2002
zero problems with mine either ( no dead pixel or wifi issues , ofcourse i use airport extreme). Couldn't been happier. I may get another one when 3G version comes out.


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Sep 7, 2007
I must add that some of the apps i've loaded recently, eased my pain on a couple of issues I had. I even found apps that work together.

So when dev's really kick into high gear this is going to be real sick.
I still got mixed feelings on a couple of things, but I think it will all work out. Especially when my Camera Kit gets here!

Sleazy E

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Nov 24, 2009
It is funny how when one person has an issue it becomes a huge iPad problem. They don't seem to realize that they are in the great minority. Unfortunatly more people are apt to post about problems than not having problems.


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Jan 7, 2007
Northwest, CT
I was very hesitant to buy an iPad, and I also did my share of bashing the device when it was announced. However, Apple got the best of me like they usually do and I broke down and went to the Apple store yesterday to check them out, and thats all it took, so I decided to pick up a 16gb model but they were all out of the 16gb ones.

I called Best Buy, and they told me they were getting some in this morning so I went out and got one for myself and I gotta tell you I am thoroughly enjoying my new iPad. No issues as of yet.


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Jun 11, 2007
Virginia Beach
Yep, it has been great.

Got 2 in my home with no issues. 1 is primarily used by my 5 yr old son, and he puts a beating on that thing. No issues with it. No wifi drops or non of those other time issues.

Like the wifi so much i may sell it and get the 3G.


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Mar 29, 2010
Anchorage, AK
No problems with mine either!

I did notice once that when i typed in the wrong weep key for a network, it didn't tell me that i had, and instead appeared to connect to the network, but had no actual connectivity. Had to go back into settings and "forget" the network, then re-enter.

I wonder how many "wifi problems" this might be the cause of! Without anyone realizing it...


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Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
I swore that I'd never own one, and yet bought one and am either surprised or ashamed that I actually like it. Well except for the wi-fi issue.

For those with 'no problems', can you use the YouTube app and watch a clip straight through? What wi-fi devices do you use to provide your signal.

I really like my iPad. The ebook reader is phenomenal and I have used it a lot. I could care less if the cloaks is off. Time is all relative anyway, right? The connectivity is the issue, the YouTube app is nearly worthless and the 'Connecting...' message is happening a whole lot sometimes...

Still, I eat my words. I bought one and love it!!!


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Apr 11, 2010
I have had zero problems with the iPad. It is ridiculously fast. I have had no problems with the WiFi at home or in public.

I can do the things I usually do on the laptop, surf the net, e-mail, watch or listen to media etc quite well on the iPad. In fact, it's superior to my laptop.
I simply love reading my eBooks. The NYT, USA Today, NPR are great. I can "bypass" using the web browser. And, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

I think a lot of folks just don't get it. That's fine. They can wait for the Slate, which will be a clunky and not offer anything new. Do the PC folks really expect Apple to put a software designed for keyboard and mouse into a device designed for multitouch? What would gained other than the loss of a keyboard? Big whoop.

Yes, I wish Apple had put a front facing camera for video chat and I wish the software already supported multitasking but it's will get thiere.. I really don't care about printing from the iPad. I have little use for printing anyway. I am not using this for work.

I really don't care that much about filing either as long as there is a way to store it in a cloud.